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Start up and sign in

Sign up for a CLEAR account here. It is free. You will need to verify your account by going to your email client and clicking on the link.

A CLEAR account is free to sign up for and allows you to have access to all 12 tools. Your students will not have to sign up for an account* when they use the tools.

*Note: they will have to with Revisions

NOTE: this is an app called Gingko Trees. It is a great app for writing but not one that we created at CLEAR.

CLEAR RIA homepage

This is the home page of CLEAR’s RIAs. You can go to this page, sign in, and then use either the JUMP TO or the icons at the bottom of the page.

Sample page

Click here to view the sample page showing all the tools we will talk about today.

Work your way through all three tools and tell us what you think.

CeLTA practice SOPI tests

Free practice tests for the simulated oral proficiency interview.

CeLTA also has services for MSU students where they can find language partners, practice their language autonomously, or get test prep help.