1. True Purpose

“Why are we doing this?”

You start with a rough idea:
Create an idea for a collaborative short story or flash fiction.
The goal of this phase is to find a clear, concise purpose for our writing:

The purpose of collaborating for this project is to collectively understand the creative writing process. How to determine characters, settings, plot, and other literary actions.

Think broad and dig deep

  1. Define the “So what?”
  2. How will your plot devices evoke questions thoughts and discussions among your readers?


Before we begin our writing, we need to formulate an outline that will serve as an effective reference while during our creative process.

Dwelling Deeper and Polishing the Details

What themes are we provoking in our story?
Plot devices?
What are we evoking from the reader?
Word choice
Character Development
Does our tone interrelate with a targeted audience?
How are we allowing the reader to relate and understand?


What characters will be introduced?
What setting or settings have we established?
What is our theme or controlling idea


How are the characters (or character) interacting with one another or is there an internal conflict?
What is our conflict?


How is conflict resolved? Is it resolved?
How does our rising action lead up to the climax of our story?
Does our reader still have questions?

Check in With Your Concerns

What are some elements of every short story?