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Efficient business register search Australia

Company 4 Me provides efficient business register search service in Australia. It is a fast, simple and convenient entry point for information, services and support to help businesses succeed in Australia. We make it easier for you to find information. We collate information and resources from government into a single website to reduce the number of websites you need to visit. Our website is for all in the Australian business community, including start-ups, small and medium businesses, family enterprises and business advisers. We have a number of free tools and resources to help you and your business succeed. For more details:-

Browse business name availability Australia

Browse business name availability in Australia at Company 4 me. You can access the information that you need in order to make informed decisions about the business registration process. You can identify whether proposed corporate and business names are available for incorporation or business registration by comparing proposed names with existing corporate names, business names and trademarks from government databases. The preliminary search eliminates proposed names with exact matches before you pay, it helps in saving your time and money! Our outstanding service extends to post-sales support as well. For more details:-

Guide to how to register a business name in Australia

Company 4 Me explains guide to how to register a business name in Australia. A business name is the name in which your business operates under. Your business name identifies you to your customers and allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. A business name helps your customers to make an emotional connection to your business and brand. You have to register a business name if you conduct business under a name other than your own. A business name, also known as a trading name, is a name or title under which a person, or other legal entity, runs their business. For more details:-

Easiest way for business name check Australia

The easiest way for business name check in Australia is available at Company 4 Me. When you will start your own small business, you have to first decide if you wish to operate under your own personal name or under a registered name. In this, the use of your exact personal name does not require registration. If you wish to do business under a Business Name other than your own, you need to register your name choice. A business name check option will help you in ascertain the usability of this name. Once you have decided on a few choices you will need to check to see if any or all of these names are available for use. For more details:-

Require business name registration Australia

Require a business name registration in Australia? Company 4 Me will help you in registering your business name. As a business name does not have a legal existence in its own right. It is nothing but simply a name used by one or more persons to represent their business in the public. That means the sole proprietor or partners are totally responsible for the debts and obligations of the business. As the registering a business name does not grant any right of ownership of the name, It is a simply proof that the name is being used by a particular business. If your information meets the requirements, it will be entered into the Corporate Registry and you will get a proof of filing. For more details:-