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The quality and stability of the team in UB has been fantastic. There has been significant change at other banks.

They are relatively on par with Bank of Ireland and miles ahead of AIB. On the technology platform AIB are the best



they meet our requirements as do the other banks

Corporate support has generally dis-improved accross all banks

All provide good service

Don’t know




I can only judge the UB based on the working relationship between the UB Corporate team and my business. These guys know how to look after an important client, by finding solutions to business problems.

From a relatioship management perspective, the service provided is top class. from a full service perspective, the service is very satisfactory

as with previous, they are a professional team



Again, we would like to do real estate business with Ulster but you are not interested

Perhaps it related to the restructuring within the Bank and staff are unsure of thier positions.

Limited dealings with other banks other than talking to contacts

Other than responsive time to issues, I find UB good to deal with

Our policy is to build up long term relationships with banks and only deal with banks that understand our business and have a long term view in respect to pricing and future business opportunities.