Decision Tree








All hyper competent with their own roles(Star Trek)

Captain (Fox)
Bruiser (Badger)
Brains (Mole)
Money (Toad)


God blessed me with size and strength in a world where I am constantly forced to hold back

Don’t matter much to me. I’m used to watching everyone else with plenty while I hunt for scraps.


dancing No, no - don’t touch me there. This is - my no, no square.

This is an important time in my life.
I need to appreciate this. I need to sear it into my memory forever.

Mole: I just don’t react fast…I get caught up in the mechanics if it’s OK to do something sometimes and it just holds me up
Badger: well, some dudes just got explosion in them, and some don’t
Mole, later: Explosion…explosion!

A random volleyballer family wanders by interrupting scenes

Jesus! Come back!


    - Nature (Deer)
    - AltFurries (Toad)
    - Pups (Doberman)

Other characters

How do we open?

4 guys on a road trip, in a car covered in furry stickers. We get the feeling they are good friends and have been for a long time.

They drive past political signs, through rallies, past police and all sorts of crazy shit. Interspersed are bits of writing. They talk calmly of party plans. MC chats through phone. You only hear one side of conversation but there is a little sadness there. Implied - where they’re going they don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.

HE was just about all worn out, but round about June he has pulled himself together the strength for one last adventure.

the heat of June stirred him; and before long his clever mind was working again on plans long-abandoned, and by August he was ready to make this abstract idea concrete.

He has taken his friends on this journey, and though he is quietly desperate the mood is light and joyful.

On the way down a twisted figure stumbled onto the road before them. It once was a deer but was since a skeletal, papillomaed falsehood, a terrible facial fibroma twisting onto it a drooling leer. It did not comprehend what was wrong with itself and it was calm as it gasped for breath on its knees in the median, steam framed in headlights, and it watched back at them sidewise like a flatfish with its horrible twisted face.
We gotta help it.
Call the cops or something.
What are they going to do.
Fucking shoot it or something.
Behind them other lights began to line up in their mirrors, but nobody honked. Fox cracked his door. On quaking legs the deer squatted and pissed on the road, and then it lurched into the treeline on the far side where there was nothing but the ocean.

Presently, he remembers that he is asking his friends for a favor, and ventures to speak as to lessen his burden.

He is tired but he must speak. His friends are his friends but his ask is great.

Fox - sneaky, manipulative, stylish
Badger - big, slow, dumb, fun loving, but wise
Mole - small, sniveling, nobody listens to him.
Toad - battle buddy of Badger? Rich, dickhead. Like the guy from DA

Opener needs to illustrate

That’s Jimmy. He don’t talk.
Oh, that’s all right. Pleased to meet you Jimmy.

Where’s .

Oh my god, I can’t believe it. How is this possible?

We’re in 2015 boys.

Where’s . He’s not in the bathroom

Gonna phone your parents?

Well, I guess we wouldn’t be furries if we had happy childhoods

Anyone had anyone die in the past couple years?
Oh shit…Bobby. Bobby died and he’s here


Holy shit it’s actually kind of expensive.
Want to split one with me?

I’m gonna buy a thousand. Wait a minute. Oh shit. No…I haven’t won the lottery yet. Oh no. I don’t remember the numbers. I’ll never get those numbers again. I’m broke

I haven’t DJed in 5 years

each of these men thought themselves irreparably broken

and saw their second chance in furry

but instead these fatherless men found primalcy

Alright, take five Jenny.
She’s great, isn’t she? You should’ve told us this was a big convention you were planning. I handle the bigger events myself.

So you want….and…and…
Oh, you want the dance hall? Hey, those comic nerds haven’t wanted to rent out the dance hall before, but that fortnite’s got the new generation dancing, right?
That’s a lot of rooms. Blah blah

Oh, but we have another event in the hotel at the same time, there might be some double bookings but let me see what I can do.

oh well maybe we can reschedule
No need, you’re both small events, we can squeeze you in.

You got the dance hall… no you don’t. My boys need that. My boys need the side lounge, the lobby… looks like your room blocks are gone too. It’s all fucking gone.

Grand Flow of things

Conversation with hotel staff
Aftermath in room
A final walk around the grounds
Interlude with PoF
Discovery in morning
Setting out/fun time
Realization of responsibility
The call to action and the response
Adventure, peril, and narrow escapes - Hotel Security/Altf/
Interlude with PoF - dance
Reconciliation w/Hotel staff

A final walk around the grounds


Sees something shining in the flower bed
Digs out an old whipit and brushes it off

Defeated, the characters return to the hotel room.

MC sees the Prince of the Forest through the window. He is cool looking - electric blue eyes. Neon.
The Prince is God. This scene is reverent.

The Prince approaches the window, and their eyes meet through the glass.
MC speaks: “Oh…it’s you. You’re beautiful…so beautiful. I’ve forgotten. Don’t run off… stay here with me, please. Just stay.”
The Prince throws off his hood.

Realizing himself suddenly, Jimmy drops his bottle and cleans himself up.

The old magic of this place is long dead, Jimmy. I do not like being here.

“But why? What is this?”
And a blinding anger suddenly flashes over him. He slaps the window. “Why have you come now? Why tonight, you fuck?”
“So many times, I needed you so bad. And now I’ve failed one more time. All that I’ve lost, you weren’t there then. Now I have nothing left to be worthy of you! Fuck off. Get the fuck out of here!”

The great head dipped then, and then a whisper, like the rustle of leaves. “Time is irrelevant. Place, not so. You are here.”

“Time IS relevant to me. An eternity. Five years of struggling, of watching everything crumble around me. And now I have nothing left.” He sobs. “Don’t waste your time with me.”

“It hasn’t been wasted yet.”

He pushes his head through the window. “Are you afraid of me, dear Jimmy?”

“Oh no, I could never be afraid of you. But I know I should be…I should be.”

Their lips meet.
“There are many things I can yet take from you, Jimmy. But perhaps just one thing, tonight.”


They wake up to the lyrics of “Stressed Out” by 21 Pilots: “But now I’m insecure, and I care what people think”

hisses stop stop stop

<he stops

Not tonight. Things got a little fucked up. I’m going to try again tomorrow, offer them more money.

<he advances again, moving the table out of the way

I did not come here to enforce a deadline. But he who would bear bad news should know to beware me.

Well, guess what, I fucked up again.

You have to get out of here! you’re gonna wake everyone up

You’re the only one they can hear.

Of all the miserable assholes in this world, why me?

Because you’re the only miserable asshole who can help me fix everything, Jimmy. And I think it’s time that I took what I need.

I’m going to take your time Jimmy - five years of it. Five wasted, disassociated, drunken years. You won’t miss a thing, my boy.

Of all the people in the world, why did you pick me

Because, none of them can help me.


Oh god…did you come for me? Did you come to take me away?

Boy. You’re jest a sorry sonuvabitch, aren’t you? The state of you, I’m thinkin I’m just wasting my time.

Nono not wasting your time please stay

Good thing, too. Good help’s hard to find of late. I aim to deputize me some good help.

Now, no more of that. I’m going to speak to you very simply and clearly, and if you know what’s best for you, you’ll listen and you’ll get your head together.

Hell fire.
Shit fire
wishing hell upon you
i don’t give a good shit

It is that.

Boy you’re a slow one ain’t ye

I got to get on

you aint one of those boys just fixing to get to know a man by the state of his dress, are you?

Hide in babyfur room
Babyfurs agree to disguise them
Con security busts in
They leave
The MCs leave - but babyfurs say “Don’t forget us”
Later, they stand up for them

One char is Indian
Fights like ghurkas against neo Nazis
One char is an rp warrior
But they fight together
Rp warriors account is like initiation to war

Deer shows up and wants to hang out. He arrives bearing a drink and a joint.

They are immediately pulled into a party - each is pulled their own way into their own secret groups.

End of battle 1:

They’re lying around panting.

Fox looks at his watch.

Alright. Let’s get back to the party.