Are we truly communicating in this age of immediate communication? Our children send cryptic text messages to one other, business people send each other emails even when they are sitting virtually next to each other in the office, and our newscasters and politicians yell at each other and call each other names like a bunch of bullies. Where is honest communication’s genuine give and take? It’s not something I see or hear very often these days. Are we missing out on something? Are our youngsters losing out on something? What can we expect in terms of communication quality in the future?

I feel we are in the midst of a period of increasing isolation. Instant sharing today does not engender a sense of belonging or comprehension. We rarely have genuine discussions in which we learn how individuals think and feel about issues. There is very little genuine interaction.

I’m particularly curious about what will happen to this generation of kids that have grown up with video games and text messaging. Where are they developing and honing their communication and relationship-building skills? Where are they acquiring conflict resolution skills and how to express themselves clearly?

We, as humans, require a sense of belonging, a sense of relationship, and the opportunity to grow emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually with others. As things stand now, we may be on our way to a future where more people feel alone and lonely as a result of our inability to communicate with one another.