The title of this book is “Crossing the Wire” and is written by Will Hobbs. This book is about Victor setting his mind to go to the States with his friend Julio. His journey is insane and what he goes through to get there!

Act I

The Situation

Present the “normal world” of your film—before everything goes haywire.

The end of Act I should be a “point of no return.” Usually something is taken away from your protagonist, and they can never go back to the way things were.

They have no choice but to continue into Act II.

Opening Image
“Crossing the Wire” has a setting of an arid climate a small town. This town has a little population of people because a lot of people are immigrating to the United States. This town struggles to grow and harvest crops.

Theme Stated
The theme of this book is a combination of never giving up and standing up in what you believe in. Victor feels that he must go to the “States” to survive and provide for his family buy he never gives up during the journey of crossing the border.

In the beginning of the book, Victor is talking to his friend Julio because he is planning on moving to the states. Victor is trying to talk him out of it but he needs to go because he said he has nothing else in Mexico left for him. Victor is sad because Julio is one of his only friends.

When Victor went to Julio’s house 2 days after he had planned to move to the States, Julio’s mother told him the bad news… Julio had headed with the coyotes to smuggle himself across the border!

After Victor sees Julio has moved to the United States for a better life, he sets his mind that he must go as well. He can’t leave his friend by himself with the smugglers.

Act II a

Rising Action

In the beginning of Act II, we get to explore the “new world” of the story. We meet its characters, as the hero is put through greater and greater challenges, until…

Break Into Two
The catalyst of this book is when Julio took off to the states and left Victor at home with everyone else.

B Story
So the thing that triggered Victor to go to the States was that his best friend went for a better life which gave him the idea that work is better and not as burning hot like Mexico.

Fun and Games
What if Julio didn’t take off to the States and Victor had gone chasing for him till? What would happen if the coyotes robbed Julio and killed him and Victor found him dead? What if Victor got caught by border patrol?

Act II b

Raise the Stakes

Something drastic happens, to change the course of the hero’s journey. Where before things felt like “rising action”, now it feels like “spiraling out of control”. The challenges seem insurmountable, and the hero is beat down, again and again.

Victor gets set up by the kids in the river and they threaten to kill him. He finds Julio there and barely survives.

Bad Guys Close In
Victor is getting soar in his legs and is starting to feel sick but he knows he must keep up the hard work in run or his butt will be caught and put in jail by border patrol.

All is Lost
Victor realizes things are bad when he knocks on his Uncle’s door in the States and he no longer lives there and the citizen that does, finds out he is an immigrant.

Dark Night of the Soul
Victor knows he is defeated and regrets coming and wants to return home when he finds himself in the back of a citizen’s truck. He has given up after all.


The Resolution

The resolution of the story and its subplots. The climax is the scene or sequence in which the main tensions of the story are brought to their most intense point and the dramatic question answered, leaving the protagonist and other characters with a new sense of who they really are.

Break Into Three
Victor finally made it to the States. He was aiming for a better life and he got it.

Victor stayed in the United States safely with no attractions or anything stopping him. He made his family back in Mexico proud.

Final Image
In the end, Victor found himself a happy life living in the U.S. He had made the most out of the trip and kept his head up the whole way. He taught himself to stand up for what you need and to never give up!