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Dental Clinic in Mascot

Top Smile clinic is passionate about catering for the dental needs of our community, uses the best and the latest technology, providing the highest quality of dental care for all our patients. We are caring and gentle. We are 100% committed to your comfort. Our number one priorities for our patients, along with our dental processes and the technology that we use.
Your regular dental check-ups & clean is much more than a chance to showcase your winning smile. It is vital to maintaining your overall health. However, more and more Australians are skipping this important dental check-up & clean, jeopardising not only their teeth but also putting themselves at greater risk for heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.
According to Australian Mascot Dental Clinic Health Foundation, 6 monthly check-up & clean is recommended to maintain your healthier life. General brushing & flossing does not get all of the plaque out of your teeth.