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Austin City Up Definition of Smart Cities:

Smart Cities = using data & analytics to improve ’decisions:’

• Automating traffic signals to improve traffic flow and safety
• Monitoring public spaces, alerting experts and public as needed
• Tracking energy usage and implementing policies for sustainability
• Understanding development scenarios to make informed decisions re: housing, jobs, tax income, safety, etc.



Austin CityUp members have started projects to help find affordable housing in
real-time via an app


Austin CityUp members have started projects to convey mobility option information to
people via smart kiosks

Technical Capabilities

Data Doesn’t Exist

  • Paper
  • Share Point
  • Excel
  • Access

Open Data Performance Hub

GitHub pages Hosting
HTML Template
Java Script + Open Data portal


  • Start Small
  • Follow a data standard
  • Focus on usability
  • Be open by default



How do we increase cost-effective mobility options & economic opportunities, provide affordable housing?

Animal Services

Service Challenges

Population Growth - Call Volume

Call volume and calls requiring multiple sequences to resolve increase each year. Officers are able to average 8 minutes per call.

Response Times

Slowest response times are at edges
of jurisdiction. Avg response time is 227 minutes (Goal: 145 minutes)

Staffing levels

On average, 3-5 officers are in the field at a given time. Animal services needs are disproportionately distributed across 900 square miles of Travis County.

More than 2,000 emergency medical cases and specialty surgeries performed

Limited housing options for medium and large dogs

Efforts Underway

Request for additional animal protection officers

Equip animal protection officers with mobile devices

Expand community-based programs to keep pets in their homes

Construction of new kennels to expand capacity for medium and large dogs

Post data on lost and found dogs in the city open data portal

Success Looks Like

Reduced response times to under 150 minutes

More pets staying in their homes and fewer animals coming to the shelter

More and faster re-claim of lost animals

More visits to the Open Data Portal

Code Department