The copper coating is cheaper, and the copper coating is more expensive. Copper coated pads tend to fall off when bent, while rolled copper does not. The specific use of which kind of material FPC, to see the procurement of their own according to the use of the environment to make a decision. Is the FPC certified for environmental protection or UL? LED has no patent, etc. There are certified and patented, the price is more expensive, not cheap. LED brightness: different brightness LED prices are different, ordinary brightness and high brightness LED prices are quite different. Therefore, when purchasing, we must clearly know what kind of brightness we need, so as to accurately position our products.

5361BS LED 5361BS 9-segment 5361AS display 5361AS

On the other hand, many components in the structure of LED energy-saving lamp are connected by screws. In order to make it more stable, in the cooling base plate and the position of the light source with colloidal seal, so that after the lamps appear problems, there is no way to replace in time, resulting in waste. Another point is also a reason for the problems caused by LED lighting. In the process of gradually promoting LED products, the price of LED lights is not transparent, which provides a large space for enterprises to operate.

Common-Cathode CC 3191AGG LED 3191AGG 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3191BGG 7-Segment 3191BGG Display

The LED studio of Qatar TV, the huge LED commercial screen outside the shopping mall of Lussel New Town… Chinese companies have almost all kinds of LED screens in Qatar, making the “pearl of the Middle East” shine brightly. The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has aroused the high emotions of football fans around the world. Qatar, the host country, spent $220 billion on World Cup-related infrastructure in an effort to bolster its image as a nation in the run-up to the tournament.

Common-Cathode CC CL5022AW LED CL5022AW 0.50 inch Common-Anode CA CL5022BW 7-Segment CL5022BW Display

Failure analysis of LED samples found that all LED chips have cracks, and the cracks are in the same position: they are located in the right area of the chip, that is, near the right edge of the anode leadout sheet. The crack runs through the pn junction, and the pn pressure resistance at the crack decreases seriously. Moreover, the leakage of the crack at the pn junction increases in the humid environment. The occurrence of cracks is related to mechanical stress. Combined with the failure site information of the sample and the substrate structure of the chip and the electrical connection mode of the chip (convex flip welding, rather than the usual gold wire welding).

LED CL8031AH 7-Segment CL8031AH 0.80-inch CL8031BH Display CL8031BH

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