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Generally, people may think that the LED downward light reduces the output power of the constant current source, so it is impossible to cause the power consumption of the step-down constant current source to increase and the temperature rise to increase. The forward voltage drop caused by lowering the forward current lowers the buck ratio. The efficiency of the step-down constant current source is related to the step-down ratio. The higher the step-down ratio is, the lower the efficiency is, and the greater the power loss on LED chip Accurate dimming cannot be achieved by adjusting the forward current, because the forward current and the LED light output are not fully proportional, and different LEDs will have different forward current and light output curves.

0.32 inch 3321AS LED Common-Cathode CC 3321AS 7-Segment digit 3321BS Display 3321BS Common-Anode CA
0.32 inch 3231AH LED Common-Cathode CC 3231AH 7-Segment digit 3231BH Display 3231BH Common-Anode CA

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