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Help Make Gingko Better

Hi All,

Have ideas for features? Bugs to report?
Do you want to voice your support for a feature that’s already here?

This tree is open to all Gingko users, so be polite, and don’t delete anything.

Feature Requests

I want feature X so that I can do Y.


Ideas that help defining a roadmap where to head to.


Click to lose focus

Clicking on an empty part of a column should scroll that column into view, even if that just means selecting the card closest to where you clicked.

Buttons overlap

The “add right” button should not obscure the “delete” and “edit” buttons.

The “move” button should not obscure the first check box in a todo list.

+ 1


Add Blog, About Us and Examples to In-App Settings Menu

similiar to home page when not signed in


Show little gravatar for currently active cards for attribution

Especially on publicly readable collaborative trees important for CC licencing.

  • While working alone on the Tree the current display is rather amazing, working collaboratory on one Tree has me desiring to be able to not only see the different colors in realtime, but be able to know what edits have been made by whom at a later date. Currently we quickfix it by doing the wikipedia-style — Name in red, but being able to at least have a mouseover that tells you what email address edited that specific card as the last person would already be helpful (if it could colorcode
    lines inside the card, in a special mode would be even more amzing, but is probably a ‘stretch goal’ :)

__Send Card to …

Re-Attach card on another branch. Like Drag and Drop refactoring.

Could be similiar to internal links or searches or tagging.

Maybe cards can live in multiple places?

There could still be a possibility to decide if via __Link or copied fork or even copied fork and deletion of the original (as it is right now.).

§almereyda : 20131024 0808 — #**hypertext**#**graph**#**links**#**forking**

+ 1


All this definately needs to be done to become real Hypertext.


“Go To” feature

I want to be able to hit a shortcut, type a search term, and press Enter to quickly go to the first matching card, so that I can more easily jump to a different location.


Adriano, Jon E.

Current workaround

Until this is implemented, you can type “/“ + “search term” + “Enter” + “/“ + “Esc”.

__Last Edit (who/when) + History?

__Undo / Trash
  • Maintain commit history for each paragraph (card) > Fedwiki
  • Activity stream > Trello
  • Card backside for meta information : commits, deletes, position changes > Trello

Seeing more columns in monitor

I want to have the option to see at least 4, and possibly more columns at a time (currently 3 is the limit) on my 22in (1680 x 1050) monitor.


Dr Andus, almereyda

Ideas for possible implementation

  1. Have it as an option in Settings.
  2. Use shortcut such as ALT+mousewheel to adjust width of column, to fit more in.

Already Implemented

Try hitting Ctrl- to zoom out your browser. If your “Columns” setting is on “Auto”, number of columns will adjust and show you more.

If this works for you, let me know and I’ll close this issue.

Thanks! That does work reasonably well for 4 columns, though it’s pushing it for 5 columns on my 22in (1920 x 1080), as the font gets fairly small.

BTW, my request was slightly different, as ALT+mousewheel would have affected the width of the column, not the size of the font. So text would remain legible but user could decide how narrow the column would get. But I’m happy with this workaround for my purposes. (Dr Andus)

Understood. Basically, you want to be able to change number of columns exactly as can be done now for 1, 2, and 3 but for 4 or 5, without having to scale browser & font size.

Comment: That’s what I’d like to do as well (Bob M)

Visualising hierarchy of headings as an outline

I'd like a feature for visualising the existing hierarchy of headings as a vertical outline (or Table of Contents), in order to be able to see the logical relationships between the headings, and also to be able to quickly navigate to a particular card by clicking on an outline item.


Dr Andus, Bob M, scottcbs

Ideas for possible implementation

  1. As a popup window, or as an additional column on the right that could slide in and out (or up and down).

When writing a more complex document, it would be useful to be able to visualise with one click the traditional vertical headings outline, and even monitor its changes as if in a preview window.

At the moment it’s possible to achieve this by copying and pasting the HTML export into Word, and looking at the headings in Word’s Navigator pane as such an outline. But this procedure is a bit convoluted and Word’s Navigator pane doesn’t format the headings, so visual cues re headings relationships are lost.

One solution could be a “View outline” button or choice in the settings, where by selecting it a new window (not a tab) would open, so it could be tiled vertically with the Gingko window and viewed side-by-side, and which would only export headings and render them as a nicely formatted vertical hierarchical outline. It would be nice if it could be refreshed at the click of a button, a bit like the preview blog-post window in

Of course even the entire text could be exported as outline titles and notes, but then it would be useful to be able to collapse (hide) the notes, so that the overall headings hierarchy can still be viewed as an outline. I’m wondering if OPML could be one format that could do this (which would be an export format that would be good to have anyway).

~Dr. Andus

Ideas for additional uses

  1. For carrying out “reverse outlining,” by adding headings to each card containing a paragraph, in order to reveal the main idea (topic sentence) of each paragraph and visualise its place within the logical hierarchy of the implicit outline.

Code Highlighting

I want code blocks to have syntax highlighting, so that I can write and organize code in Gingko.


Aleksey, Adriano, Alexander M,

Then let’s also add a git interface next to JSON ;)

§almereyda : 20131024 1106 — __Import

Full-Screen Editing

I want to be able to write fullscreen without card boundaries, so that I can write longer sections in a single flow without having to jump cards.


Aleksey, Adriano, Bob M, Dr Andus


I don’t quite understand this one. Can’t this be done already? You can select to display just one column, hit F11 for full-screen view, and then use a utility like Winsplit Revolution to display the window at any desired size, and then just keep writing in a single card. Okay, I also use Fences to hide my desktop icons and I set my wallpaper to distraction-free grey. (Dr. Andus)

The idea is to be able to edit many cards simultaneously, without worrying about card boundaries. For example, if you are just freewriting and don’t want to worry about structure yet.

A simple alternative would be to make it easier to split & join cards, so that you could just freewrite in one card fullscreen, and then split it.

Thanks for the clarification. I also like the split option. (Dr. Andus)

+ 1

on split

additional possibility might be a “focus one column” mode


__Undo / Trash

I want to be able to undo my changes, especially delete, so that I don't lose my work


Adriano, Ej, isinger, Kali Tal

Of course, every operation needs to support undo — moving, editing, etc. Without undo, I really can’t trust this tool with my data; I would be too afraid I’d delete something important with no way back.

— Ej

__Last Edit / History

Color Coding & Categorization

I'd like to be able to create custom categories for my cards, and color code them so, for example, all cards that contain quotes could be yellow.


I'd like to be able to scroll across and down the page instead of having to use the arrow keys to navigate

Table of Contents

I'd like a hierarchical TOC feature so that I could get a quick overview of what I've done so far.  TOC headers could be marked off by #'s or, in the absence of a header, just use the first sentence on the card.


Template Cards, Card Cloning, Forking <> internal references to jump

I want to be able to refer to and link to other cards, so that I and readers can easily jump to a different card, and back.


Oliver L, Jon E, Dr Andus, Kali Tal

One other feature I’d love to see is keyboard-friendly way of creating links between cards. I often have large documents and rely heavily on cross-referencing (more graph than tree) since the same concepts are referred to throughout. Gingko’s current philosophy of drilling down doesn’t seem to support this kind of jumping around.

My idea is to use wiki-style [square brackets] to refer to headers in the document by name (with autocomplete, of course, qualified by ancestor names, e.g. “Root > Category > Heading”) to create focus links that jump within Gingko. The trick then is to allow keyboard shortcuts to follow them. I imagine something like MS Word, where Alt allows jumping around menus. In Gingko, a user could hold Alt, and all focus links would be highlight with a small number in a box next to them. Pressing that number (with Alt held) would follow the link. A focus-back shortcut would also be needed, and Alt + Left arrow is taken by the browser, but you could possibly override it, since what user would ever want to leave? :). Otherwise, perhaps Ctrl + Left or Ctrl + Alt + Left.

That would make Gingko a complete product for me, so I thought it would be worth sharing. Great job again so far, and I look forward to seeing where you go next!

How about double [[square brackets]] instead? Then that would leave the single [square brackets] free for regular use, such as e.g. to describe the original date of a publication in an academic reference, such as (Smith 2006 [1887]).

Dr Andus

+ 1

Please have a look at the Federated Wiki which is, by accident or by instance, very comparable to Gingko.

__Send card to…

__Tags explanation

__Forking and Templates

§almereyda 131024 1130 — #**tags**#**links**#**graph**#**fedwiki**
internally and externally of trees


see *Federated Wiki* by **Ward Cunningham**
§almereyda : 20131024 — #**fedwiki**#**hypertext**


  • Add Links to other cards like Improvements__. Clicking opens all childs of the Link to the right. Only if it’s not the current parent. Linking to a parent would just jump one column to the left.
split from __Tags by §almereyda : 131024 1140 — #**hypertext**#**trees**

I.e. linked cards that live in different places at the same time and might be forked, therefore being seperated from the connection, copied and set free. A tag would only be any other card that has multiple child items.

Tags are forward links. Like a card that lives within another card. They open to the right all other elements that contain the same parent as the card we’re on.

It mustn’t be the current parent.

Being in the tree at any current parent, clicking on a tag opens all similarily tagged childs to the right.


  • Add same Tags / Metadata to different cards and join them in a “virtual” column to the right - visual idea below:
§almereyda : 20131024 0803 — #**metadata**#**tags**
__Links split by §almereyda : 131024 1143

__Tags explanation

The “Card Linking” Feature would allow searching all available cards in a flat structure, long unordered list. Think of Facebooks Users or Sites search when typing an @ within a post.

As long as the cards are linked, a little icon represents this structure.

Clicking this icon opens all parents to the right. By this additions, browsing the tree becomes non-hierarchical itself. Think of or


Metadata should be faded out alot and only become visible if I hover it. Again refer to Trello, Fedwiki, …

§almereyda — just a second ago — #**metadata**

__Forking & Templates

Source cards for linking are not being linked to another card but linked with. It’s not directing somewhere, but creating an instance. Until here, nothing has changed if it’s only a displayed card to the right that had been linked to.

But Forking this instance would create a current copy. So predefined cardsets or branches of the tree could serve templates.

§almereyda : 20131024 1031 — #**tags**#**links**#**hypertext**#**metadata**#**graph**#**templates**#**forking**

one could even imagine special branches that have been marked by a tag that, if you link to them, can contain certain placeholders / templates of editable and later, in conjunction with the link, uneditable text so they serve as real templates that don’t need to be forked but still might contain different contents.

then the templates could be adjusted and all instances receive these changes.

§almereyda : 20131024 1126


  • Operational or Differential Transformation real-time text synchronization. > See other peoples cursors.

Or this is intentional. Simplicity by design. Could be adressed by a switch in menu? Upcoming Feature: Real-time collaboration


Or the ability to lock/claim certain paragraphs?

Unlock requests should be possible, though.

  • Add Markdown autocomplete

for * ``` etc. like in modern text editors

Word count and other statistics

I want to be able to monitor the word count of individual cards, columns, branches, and the tree as a whole. Other stats of interest would be characters (with spaces and without), number of paragraphs and/or cards. It would be nice to be able to include/exclude headings from the word count.


Dr Andus, ebel, isinger, nakia, MenAgerie

  • Alternatively/Additionally the markup is ‘lacking’ the ability to underline and strike-through. This would allow at least for manual editing and inter-team communication “on single glance” inside a card. (Red might have been an alternative, but since it does not word-wrap properly it becomes unusable for large paragraphs of “deleted” or “added” text.
  • alternatively, tagging things with [ins](Lots of text) or [del](Paragraph I want to remove) and rendering it with different colors and/or strike-through might be the most elegant solution, especially if there is a mode to remove al [del]s and render all [ins] normally in one mode, and make it all messy and colorful in the other mode. (either globally or on a card-by-card basis. Or both)

Merge two or more cards into one card

Upon selecting two or more cards and hitting a shortcut key, the selected cards become merged into a single card.


Dr Andus

Please check the Federated Wiki, how it’s done there:
They resolve this issue like this: IF you are at the beginning of a text box, and not the end, pressing backspace will merge it with the one before.


__Split card

at cursor
By hitting a shortcut key, a card is split into two, with everything before the cursor staying in the old card, and everything after the cursor going into the new card.


Dr Andus

New Card from selected text

Cut to new card?

I want to be able to quickly create a new card from the text I have currently selected, so that ...


Bob M, Dr Andus, scottcbs

How about renaming this feature to
Cut to new card?
Another possibility then could be
Copy to new card
which would be a different feature.
Split card
is yet another feature.
~Dr Andus

I created a separate request for “Split card”, as it is a different function from “New card from selected text.”
~Dr Andus

It’d be nice if I could select some text in Gingko then, using a New Card shortcut key, create a new card containing that text, which would be deleted from its original card. The text selection would trigger this new behavior for the shortcut.

Possible alternative:

“Split Card” shortcut?

By hitting Ctrl+K (say), everything before the cursor would be saved in current card, and everything after would be added to a newly created card.

Might be faster than “select + new card shortcut”…

COMMENT: Faster, yes, but it would prevent me from selecting, say, just a middle paragraph and making a new card out of just that middle paragraph, and not whatever comes after it. (Bob)

see __Split Card


Copy to new card

To create a new card from selected text, with original text remaining intact.


Dr Andus

Create clones of a card

Create a clone (or multiple clones) of a card, which is permanently linked to the original card. If you make any changes to either cards, the change is propagated to all the cloned cards.


Dr Andus

Use scenarios

You’re writing a dissertation.

  1. You want to be refining your research question (or refining your thesis sentence) as you keep writing the different sections. To do this, you create a clone of the “research question” card in all of your sections (or insert it from a menu of previously identified “clone candidate” cards), and whenever you make any changes, all clones get updated. This way you don’t have to go back to your Introduction every time you want to revise the “Research Question” card.
  2. You want to be collecting your main findings that you want to summarise in the Conclusion of your thesis or book. Create a “Findings” clone, have it in every chapter or section, and keep recording your findings as you go along. By the end, the clone will contain all the findings.

It would be good to be able to call up these clones from the menu or be able to insert them with some sort of a code.
~Dr Andus

Integration with academic referencing software

To be able to insert an academic citation from a bibliographic database (Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote etc.), have it displayed as a citation in view mode (e.g. {Bell, 1973 #7} displayed as (Bell 1973)), and preserve the code during export, so that it can be converted and formatted in a word processor.


Dr Andus, Janice R (Zotero), Dr Kali Tal (Mendeley), MenAgerie (Zotero, EndNote)

LaTeX Maths formating

I want LaTeX maths so that I can write mathematics in my draft plans I keep in Gingko, looking at $\pi$ vs π rather annoying! (I don’t want to spend hours copying unicode symbols!)

Collaboration : Workflow : Context Management

Send to Gingko

I want a browser extension or web clipper that lets me select text in other websites, right click and say "send to Gingko", so that I can use Gingko to capture ideas I come across online.

Empty card OK

Allow the user to create an empty card. There’s no harm in it, and it avoids an interruptive error.

  • Could also work on card’s backside > Trello > look card below. [ Waiting for internal linking, though ;) ]

It’s not so easy to reach, though.


#``` +1 ```




I'd like to be able to make notes/comment on a card, so that I can describe work that needs to be done, references that need to checked, etc.


restrict card movements to the specific card and its children.

OK, let’s say i have 3 root card, and i’m working on Root Card 1. I navigate to its children, clicking the down arrow multiple times.

In this case, I don’t want to accidentally go into Root Card 2’s children’s card. Which is what will happen if i keep clicking down without noticing that i’m at the end of the cards for Root Card 1’s children.

I really hope this makes sense. It’s best if there’s a settings for this, like an on/off switch for those who want to span from children to children’s card.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alternatives & suggestions for using Gingko with keyboard.

Ctrl+Enter for edit toggle

Ctrl+Enter should (also) start editing a card. Then I can think of Ctrl+Enter as toggling edit mode.

Alt instead of Ctrl

Will allow us to create cards without having to submit first. Will allow for cross-platform uniformity (unlike Ctrl/Cmd). Will be more familiar to Workflowy users.

Create cards with jkl

Move cards with keyboard

There should be keyboard shortcuts for moving cards, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+Arrow.

Make Ctrl+Arrow save and create a new child in one keystroke

Is there a reason you make the user save by using Ctrl+Enter before creating a new child item? Combining these 2 actions into 1 keystroke would improve the UI, as far as I can see.

Support international Keyboard Layouts

Currently Gingko only supports EN_US Layout.


Plugins & API

I want to be able to add plugins and write extensions for Gingko, so that I can add custom functionality that I need for my workflow.


Aleksey, Adriano, Alexander M, Steve G, Radu M, Alexander N.,almereyda


(List of desired import options.)
Import existing plain text, RTF, or HTML files?





JSON from : Trello, (Smallest) (Federated) Wiki


Alternative import workflow options

I'd like a smooth import experience. Either A) import an RTF/HTML document with defined headings, whereby the import process breaks up the text according to the headings hierarchy with headings converted to Markup and into individual cards per heading into a predefined hierarchy structure (e.g. 3-column structure); or B), import entire document with headings converted into Markown and offer tools such as "cut to new card" and "split to new card" to quickly break up the document into a structured Gingko tree.


Dr Andus


(List of desired export options.)

Export tree to JSON or XML, to allow further processing

Current export is either (i) Whole Tree or (ii) Third Column. Now that there is ~infinite columns, “3rd column only” doesn’t make sense. What about allowing export of all ‘leaf’ cards. I.e. only cards without any child cards, as a replacement for “Third Column”

I disagree strongly about eliminating the 3rd column export (unless it’s replaced by an option so that any column can be selected to be exported individually). It’s an excellent feature. It allows you to do outlining and drafting in any of the other columns, but you can do the actual writing (the good copy) in the 3rd column.
~Dr Andus

What I’m suggesting would not block your workflow. If you were to write as you do, your third column would be full of cards with no child cards (i.e. they’d all be ‘leaf’ cards). Exporting “only leaf cards” would still export your cards.

Not quite. I may still have child cards in column 4, but I don’t want to export those. With your suggestion it seems I wouldn’t be allowed to have column 4 children, otherwise the parents of those wouldn’t get exported.
~Dr Andus

Export of the active card, column, branch

I would like to be able to export just the active card, as an option.
I'd like to export active "anything" (single card, single column, single branch).


Heiko D, Dr Andus, Julian K


I am planning my lessons with Gingko and I have some cards of the tree in dedicated use as worksheets. I want to export that cards to hand it out to my pupils.
(Once we did the program of lessons, I plan to share the whole tree to the pupils, hoping they also see the value of gingko when preparing for exams. ;) But before, I’d rather have a handy way of exporting single cards without Cut and Paste to other services.)

Export any single column or combination of columns

Provide an option to select the number of the desired column(s) to be exported, to enable any single column export or a combination of selected columns.


Dr Andus, Julian K

I’d like to be able to export/ save as some kind of file which can be opened in Microsoft office. I have two reasons:

1) Right now there is no way to add citations and references, making Gingko pretty much useless for academic writing. Endnote support would remedy this of course.

2) When submitting manuscripts (to teachers, academic journals, bosses etc.) we’re generally expected to provide a document file. Copy pasting the HTML works, but your mark-up doesn’t seem the same as Microsoft office’s, meaning I have to go through the whole document re-formatting text/ headings etc. manually.


I want LaTeX equation support so that I can write my research papers on Gingko.


Adriano, Matthew P, Xuwang Y, ascii, Heiko D, WillP

I want Endnote support so that I can keep my citations and bibliography up to date as write research papers/ academic journal articles.


Expect: When I follow these steps, X happens.
Observed: When I follow these steps, Y happens instead.
Platforms & Browser: This happens on these systems.

Drag & Drop bugs

High Priority

I am trying to move an item (with children) in the first column into the second column, under another item in the first column. That is, I want to move everything in this branch down one column. I don’t see a way to do that - though I am managing to make Gingko crash by dragging and dropping the item into its OWN second column.

The infinite columns addition is also fantastic. But, as I’ve discovered from re-arranging cards, one thing that could use some work is the mechanics of moving around cards. I don’t know if it’s a browser problem or just a problem with the way things are right now, but it’s actually very difficult to move a card to the exact location where I want it. The other cards slide around a lot, it’s not clear what target location I’m hovering
over, and it’s just generally difficult to move things around accurately.

When you get a chance, could you look into a more predictable system of
card moving?

— Wookie

Dragging the last card of a column into the column to its right causes an error. This should probably just remove that now-empty column, or put an empty card in that column, or prevent that behavior. — Ej

I did try to drag and drop, but it wants to add the dropped item to a different parent, when I would like to make sure all the children are in the given parent order. Hard to describe.
— Scott B

Dragging the “Collaboration” branch - to Improvements - within this Discussion Forum Tree leads to page reload.


later on I saw it might be because of sub-trees that would grow the whole board too big (more than 5, 6 columns)


Function Bugs

Expect: Delete keyboard shortcuts should delete cards. Delete red X should delete cards.
Observed: When I try to delete, nothing happens. CTRL + Backspace doesn’t delete a card, nor does clicking the red x. Nothing happens. Also, when I try to make it default to deleting (removing all card content) and either navigate to a different card or hit CTRL + Enter, the card just goes back to the last save content.
Platform & Browser: On Firefox for Windows 7.

Expected: An HTML5 App shouldn’t try to install any Flash at all.
Observed: When I open Gingko it asks me to install Flash. I don’t know why it’s asking this and I haven’t asked it to do so.
Platform & Browser: Win7Pro64 + Firefox clean install.


Expected: Link works, JavaScript is being executed.
Observed: The FAQs state instructory videos, but they don’t work.
Platform & Browser: Chrome / Win8Pro64 / Touch


Observation: Dragging is sluggish. After some mouse mouvement experiments one starts to develop preconscious strategies to get a card where it’s intended to be.
Expectation: The user interface scrolls smoothly under the dragged item and realigns the focus at center automatically. I.e. when I get closer to the borders/corners, scrolling gets quicker. If I return to center the movement slows down and aligns single cells ‘magnetically’ in the center [ think of graphics software ]. Then, being in center with a single, the chosen, card, additional action areas/overlays appear [ Android home screen refactoring ].
Possible Solution: (1) (intelligent) keyboard movement of cards (2) __Send card to... menu.
Platform & Browser: Chrome / Win8Pro64 / Touch


Expect: Download of properly named html file on export.
Observation: File is downloaded, but has single quotes around name: ‘myfile.html’ instead of myfile.html
Platform & Browser: Maverick + Safari browser

Search Bugs

On the latest beta of firefox on Mac OSX mavericks, search does not work.

I get the following error:

TypeError: e.forEach is not a function 
...e,"*")},border:function(e){return a(e,"`")},code:function(e){return a(e,"```\n",...

Go to

Search for ?. Check your console. Backspace. It doesn’t unsearch.

On Win7, 64-bit, Firefox 24.0, search doesn’t seem to work. (Dr Andus)

Log-in bugs

I’m unable to log in to Gingko in Internet Explorer 10 on Win7, 64-bit. This also prevents me from using Gingko in software that use IE as their internal browser.
~ Dr Andus

General Discussions

Free for all.

Anything else you want to talk about, suggest, recommend, request, or ask about, goes here.

almereyda: Has anyone already been using (Smallest) Federated Wiki from Ward Cunningham or Trello from FogCreek or from Dave Winer?

I’m off for today. Have been playing a little too much, to be sincere. But I did order immediately, after I fell in love so quickly.

§almereyda — Today — 1243

Is there a way to have linked columns horizontally align at the TOP of the column, rather than the MIDDLE of the column?

Not entirely convinced that a Gingko tree is the best format for a user forum… I don’t mean to sound negative, I love Gingko, it’s just that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to keep track of what’s going on. I realise using another software (like Simple Machines Forum) will require people to create a new login and password, which may turn some users off, on the other hand it might be easier to keep track of the conversations, suggestions, bugs etc. going on.

~Dr Andus

I concur.