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If you want to visit dhow cruise in Dubai then get in touch with us. Disha Global Tours offer you the best dhow cruise visit as per your requirements.

All You Need To Know About Dubai Transit Visa

The Dubai transit visa will offer you the possible opportunity to visit the Emirate of Dubai for a short period of time. The Dubai transit visa is a sort of visa that awards you to stay in Dubai or some other Emirate city for a short period. With respect to Dubai travel visas, it is of two sorts One is 48 hours transit visa, and the other one is 96 hours transit visa.

Dubai Transit Visa For Indian Passport Holder

Dubai has been growing rapidly last few decades. Many people around the world especially from India are attracted to Dubai because of its magnificent architecture, stunning beaches, and luxurious lifestyle. The Dubai government issues transit visas for Indian passport holders provided that the traveler is transiting to and from India.

3 Moths UAE Visa

Out of numerous things that come along with planning an international trip, the most essential one that tops almost all tourists’ checklists is obtaining a visa. What if you are planning a tour to UAE for more than a month? Then you need a 3 months UAE visa to enter this wondrous country.

Dhow Cruise Dinner In Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai is sure to enthrall those who want to escape the ordinary and fancy doing something unique throughout their Dubai vacation. Enjoy the magnificent dinner cruise on the Venetian-styled Dubai marina, nestled in the core of new Dubai.

The Atlantis in Dubai

The Atlantis Hotel is without a doubt one of the most popular attractions on the island. Dubai has some of the most record-breaking attractions in the world, such as the tallest building in the world and the largest man-made island.

Know Everything About Skydiving in Dubai

you might think Dubai provides the best experiences on land and on water. Besides these places to see and explore in Dubai, skydiving in Dubai is also a great experience

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium offers you full freedom to spend some amazing time with the fabulous dolphins and seals. From an unusual family relaxation area to how being one of the most cherished destinations to visit in Dubai. This Dolphinarium provides you an amazing experience with these water creatures.

Dhow Cruise Dubai - Romantic Trip

Dubai is a city of surprises; skyscrapers with world-record heights, pristine beaches, enormous shopping malls, and luxury cars define the city of dreams. Along with array of thing to do Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai is one of the amazing experience that everyone must have to enjoy.

How to Get Employment Visa in Dubai

If you are wondering how to apply and get work/employment visa in Dubai then here we mention a complete guide for you. This will help you get your visa quickly and easily.

Visit Visa Extension UAE

UAE has a nice visa growth shape and licenses visitors to increase their visa instances inside UAE with out leaving the UAE. The Dubai go to visa is doable for a constraint of instances, in order to be a maximum outrageous of 60 days renewal

Extend UAE Visit Visa

Disha Global Tours furnishes you with visa change administrations around the same time. Presently leave every one of your concerns and Extend your UAE visit visa at the air terminal as it were. On the off chance that you are in Dubai and need to expand your traveler visa for additional days for instance 14 days UAE Visa Change bundle, 30 Days UAE visa Change Package, 90 Days UAE Visa Change Package, we help you regardless.

4 Ways to Extend UAE Visit Visa

In the UAE, new reforms had been made to the visitor visa policy, permitting visitors to resume their visas two times while not having to depart the nation. For Visit Visa Extension UAE there are four methods you can follow.

Procedure to Renew 90 Days UAE Visa

Recently, new changes have been implemented to the visa policies for tourists in the UAE that allow tourists to renew 90 days UAE Visa without needing to leave the country.

30 Days UAE VISA Change Package

While your experience is grounded, your utility for a visa extension is not. You can now follow for a 30 Day UAE Visa Change Package from the consolation of your personal home. Our specialists will assist you with clean visa changes.

Museum of the Future

As per the foundation, the museum would assist people to form a better world by demonstrating the most current concepts, materials, styles, and futuristic technologies. Make a UAE visit and take pleasure in this future film.

Best Public Beaches in Dubai

The Middle Eastern emirate of Dubai is well-known for its luxury travel destinations, but it is also known for its miles and miles of fine sand beaches. There are many public as well as private beaches in Dubai. If you are looking for the best public beaches in Dubai then here we will mention some of them.

Get UAE Tourist Visa At Earliest From Disha Global Tours!

Disha Global Tours is one such agency that is renowned for organizing ace trips for all its clients. Being in the tours and travel agency for so long- Disha Global Tours clearly understands that numerous visitors will require a UAE tourist visa for their UAE entry, and we will help you get one at the earliest.

The Most Beautiful Places in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has gained international attention for its dramatic skyline of high-rise buildings, red dunes, and various attractions for all ages and interests. Among the world’s top family-friendly luxury and adventure destinations are some of the most popular spots in the UAE.

Dubai Visa Guide For Indian Citizens

If you are an Indian citizen, then it is a must to have a Dubai visa before traveling to Dubai. Here we mention a Dubai visa guide for Indian citizens, which will help you to know more about the Dubai visa.

Long Term UAE Visa

If you want to visit UAE for a long duration, the long term UAE visa is ideal for a long-term vacation in UAE. The visa allows candidates to enter Dubai for tourism as well as leisure and primarily to visit their loved ones.

How To Extend 96 Hours Transit Visa To A Tourist Visa

f you want to learn more about it, check out our article on United Arab Emirates Transit Visa 96 Hours to get all the answers you need!

Can I Get Visa On Arrival In Dubai

A visa is the most necessary document if you wish to visit the nation you intend to visit. Similar to Dubai, a visa helps you take a final entry. In addition to the other required paperwork, a Dubai visa serves as a legal entry permit to Dubai. Visas are short-term identification documents that introduce you to the city as a citizen.

An Overview of Disha Global Tours

Disha Global Tours LLC is a main tourism enterprise primarily based totally in Dubai. We provide professional Visa services, air ticketing services, and excursion and tour programs to our clients in any respect sorts of budgets. We cater on your desires of all sorts of vacation spot steerage and each different data which you require so that you will have a peaceful stay in Dubai.

Extend UAE Visa

Disha Global Tours provides you with visa change services within the same day. Now leave all your worries and Extend your UAE visit visa at the airport only. In case you are in Dubai and want to extend your tourist visa for more days for example 14 days UAE Visa Change package, 30 Days UAE visa Change Package, 90 Days UAE Visa Change Package, we help you in any case.

12 Best Traveling Tips if you are travel lover

From Solo travel to traveling as a couple or with a Family, we have got many travel tips from our clients in our past bookings. Being a traveler, it came to my mind that I must share it with you so that when you travel it can become easy.

5 Best Ideas to follow, if you are Solo Travelers

There are 5 Best idea that you can follow for your happy and stress free traveling if you are a travel lover and a solo traveler. Our guide can help you through to travel solo on your own without any stress

Travel Technology to Enhance your Relaxation

Traveling gives us fun and relaxation to our minds. We are here today to discuss some travel-related apps that can enhance your relaxation in both the destination and the Voyage.

Same Day Airport to Airport Visa Change Package

Disha Global Tours provides same day airport to airport visa change services in UAE for people who wish to travel and explore the heart of our country. The Dubai Visa applications are submitted through electronic means, but this in no way means we are not going to be there for you when you fill out the applications. We will assist you in every way we can

What Is The Dubai Visa Policy

Dubai visa policies, you will be aware that nations have different policies regarding visas based on their territorial concern. After reading facts about Dubai visa policies, you will be aware that nations have different policies regarding visas based on their territorial concern.

Best Things To Do In Dubai Under Your Budget

Let’s leave behind the most common places in Dubai and get away from the crowds in Dubai. Best things to do in Dubai under your budget - Disha Global Tours

Visa Consultants Dubai | Visa Change Services

Disha Global Tours offers you a Visa Change services UAE, which is one of a kind Visa service. Our service is one of the best airports to airport Visa change services which you can avail in the UAE.

Ultimate Guide For Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

This guide covers everything you need to know before applying for your multiple entries visa for UAE for 30 days multiple entry visa or 90 days multiple entry visa.

Cultural Activities To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a city where the population from all over the world comes to visit, thus Dubai has a very little culture of its own. But its cultural melting pot in the desert has its own unique set of personas and twists that nowhere else you could find

5 Best Ideas to Pack Your Bags Before You Travel

For some travelers, the planning procedure before a trip can rise to the fervor of really going. Planning a trip is actually you get to actually make your dreams true. With the correct tips, you’ll set off with all that you need and not squander excursion time second speculating in the event that you overlooked anything. Here are the best ideas to pack your bags all the more effectively.

Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Burj Khalifa

With a height of nearly 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the whole world. However to visit Dubai you need to get a visa. Get Visa at best rates with Disha Global Tours to Visit Burj Khalifa

The Best of Dubai: Desert Safari, Camel Rides, and More…

Tourists who travel to Dubai have the best adventurous experiences of their lifetime. The desert safari is a surreal experience, you can feel the natural trails in the SUV, and experience many activities like quad biking, camel rides

Dhow Cruise In Dubai Marina And Other Fantastic Places

A stay in the desert metropolis is not complete when you have not enjoyed the evening’s dhow cruising through the marina. Spend your evening, dhow cruising at Dubai Marina to experience the fascinating scenery of Dubai Creek, and collect beautiful memories to cherish for years to come.

What is the 30 Days UAE Visa Cost

A 30 days UAE visa is the best option for long-term holidays in the Emirates city. When it comes to the 30 days of UAE visa cost, it varies depending on the travel agency from which you apply.


There are many tourist spots in the world where everyone should travel at least once in their life. I would personally handpick Dubai as the best tourist place in the world.

Celebrate Eid in Dubai 2022

If you are looking to celebrate Eid in Dubai 2022 then first you need to get your Dubai visa. You can apply for a Dubai visa with the aid of a tour and travel company.

90 Days Visit Visa for UAE

For a much longer stay, then 90 days visit visa would be perfect for you. It is the best long visit visa option available for you. It can be used for searching for a job, enjoying an extended stay, or being a tourist & seeing the complete UAE.

Get Visa for Dubai in 24 Hours

Dubai is a popular holiday destination for adventure lovers. And for this, one needs to get a Tourist Visa or any other visa (according to the trip) that is valid for a particular duration. Get a visa for Dubai in just 24 or 48 hours & have a hassle-free visit to Dubai.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is one of the greatest holiday destinations in the world for having the best resorts, beaches, malls, amusement parks, the largest building, restaurants & a lot more man-made attractions. Dubai Shopping Festival can be the best-ever reason for planning a tour to Dubai

OTB (OK to Board) for Travelling Dubai

If you are thinking to travel the country, an OTB (OK to Board) is required for ECR passport holders of India and Pakistan. You need to send your visa copy to the airline you have booked your flight ticket with, after getting a valid visa to the UAE. The airline endorses your ticket and denotes your flight PNR as OK to Board after rechecking your visa

Types of Dubai Visa

Dubai is an amazing city with lots of wonderful destinations to cover. From water parks to amusement parks, tall towers to dolphins & seal shows, there’s everything to explore. The wonderful infrastructure and activities make Dubai, one of the most preferred countries in the world for traveling. Check the various types of Visa that Dubai offers

Top Things To Do In Dubai At Night

There are plenty of things to do in Dubai at night where you could spend your time resting on the dunes, lovely beaches, cold deserts & can explore much more.

Adventurous Activities In Dubai

Regarded as one of the best holiday destinations in the world, there is so much to do in Dubai. Let us bookmark the fun & adventurous activities in Dubai that you’d like to try out during your trip to Dubai.

Top Tourist Destinations In UAE

Being a top tourist destination hub, United Arab Emirates boasts of a vast number of top tourist destinations in UAE. It is an amalgamation of seven cities, including Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al-Qaiwain, and Ra’s al-Khaimah. There are many top tourist destinations in UAE

Religious Places in Dubai That Must Be On Your Itinerary

Some places that stand out from the modern facade of this city are religious. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai soon, then here’s a list of sacred sites that you must check out:

Benefits Of Using Travel Agents

Travel agents for Dubai visa are the answer to all your problems. A travel agent has enough experience in issuing visas that they can help you navigate through this process quickly. Disha Global Tour is the best travel agents for Dubai visa.

How to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa the right way

90 days Dubai visa is ideal for those who wish to spend a long trip to UAE with family and friends. With this visa, you can explore the whole UAE and its all Emirates. You can land at any airport in the UAE.

Best Places To Visit In Dubai With Family

Dubai is one of those holiday destinations that attract a large no. of visitors every year. With a variety of tourist attractions here, one can easily plan a long vacation in the city. And now, you know about the best places to visit in Dubai with your family.

Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dubai

Be it’s eating on a rooftop, by the beach, seashore, or among the skyscrapers, you can experience ‘dinner with every view ‘ like that in Dubai. From getting that truly picture-perfect view of Burj Khalifa to dining with a background of Burj Al Arab.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Dubai

Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre has been named one of the world’s most famous landmarks. The Mosque is not just a place of worship, it is also a place where people from all over the world can come to learn about Islam and its traditions.

Dubai City Tour | Dubai City Tours package | City Tour Dubai

Looking for a Dubai city tour package, Disha Global provides the best luxury experience at the most comfortable and affordable price. contact us.

Big Bus Tours In Dubai | Bus Tour Dubai Price | Tourist Bus

Looking for Big Bus Tour in Dubai, Disha Global Tours provide tourist bus in Dubai with genuine big bus tour price in Dubai. Contact us now

Burj Khalifa Tour | Burj Khalifa Ticket Price | Disha Global Tours

World’s tallest and the most exceptional architectural wonder – the Burj Khalifa Tour is the one thing you are going to absolutely fall in love with.

Private Yacht Cruise in Dubai with Cozmo Yachts

Going to love the spectacular yacht cruise in Dubai. In this blog, find the distinct yacht rental in Dubai, what they give, and how to go about booking.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure Over the Dubai Desert

Toward your balloon ride, and take a Dubai visa with Disha Global Tours. hot air balloon is a high activity, particularly for adventurous people.

30 days Oman visa | Disha Global Tours | Oman Visa Services

Apply 30 days Oman Visa by contacting the best Oman Visa advisors. Disha Global Tours advise you regarding the required documents and cost.

10 Days Oman Visa | Disha Global Tours | Oman Visa Services

Apply 10 days Oman Visa by contacting the best Oman Visa advisors. Disha Global Tours advise you regarding the required documents and cost.

UAE Visa Services | Apply for a UAE Visa - Disha Global Tours

Disha Global Tour provides all types of UAE visa services in Dubai like 14 days visa, 30 days visa, 90 days visa, Airport to Airport visa change etc.

30 Days Visa Change by Bus Service

Looking for a 30 days visa change by bus service in UAE, then Disha Global Tours provides an amazing visa change package for you.

Benefits of an Investor Visa in Oman

If you’re interested in applying for an investor visa in Oman, then the easiest and the best way is to connect with Disha Global Tours to get an Oman visa without any hassle. So, connect with Disha Global Tours to get the best visa services.

Importance of Dhow

Dhow Cruise Dubai has been one the most useful knowledge that your choice has in your life seeing the bustling city of Dubai.

Dubai Visa Rejection

The last determination about the rejection or approval of your visa rests with Dubai immigration. In case you’re not sure about the visa procedure, this is better to trust a travel agency to take the essential measures.

A Perfect Guide For Yas Island In Abu Dhabi

Check Out this Disha Global Tours blog for A Perfect Guide For Yas Island In Abu Dhabi. make a visit to Yas Island

Flight Got Canceled Or Delayed? Here’s What You Can Do!

Check Out this blog to know about what we can do when Flight Got Canceled Or Delayed?

The Majestic And The Iconic Dubai Frame – Visit Dubai

If you want to make a visit to Dubai Frame then connect with any reliable travel agency and get a UAE visa easily and efficiently.

Tips to Get Dubai Visa for Indians

Getting a Dubai visa for Indians can be daunting, and they must take all the appropriate steps to get a visa as quickly as possible.

Own Car Desert Safari Dubai | Disha Global Tours

Desert Safari Dubai is the ideal activity to do in Dubai. It has been not only fun but also a wonderful way to expend time with your family and friends.

Visa Change by Bus | 30 Days Visa Change By Bus Service | Disha Global Tours | #Dubai #uae

Now, you can renew your visa change by bus service, Disha Global Tours is here to help you to renew or expand your visa in Dubai.

Package Includes visa change by bus :-

• Dubai visa
• Return transfer to Dubai
• Dubai visa delivery by your email ID
• Accommodation for a day

Documents required for 30 days visa change by bus service :-

• Scanned colored passport copy, last and first page
• A passport has to be valid for around six months
• Scanned colored photo, passport size.
• Last tourist visa copy
• Guarantor’s Emirates ID COPY
• Guarantor’s passport and visa copies

Start your new journey in Dubai, and get this amazing package with Disha Global Tours easily and efficiently. So, contact us now and grab this opportunity.

60 Days Visa Change by Bus Service in UAE

Are you looking to renew or expand your visa in Dubai, UAE? Then Disha Global Tours provides an attractive 60 days visa change by bus service in Dubai, UAE

Oman Visa Services | Disha Global Tours | Oman Visa

We at Disha Global Tours provide fast and reliable Oman visa services. So, to get your Oman visa at a competitive cost contact us now.

Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Dubai and UAE

You can do adventurous things to do in Dubai while visiting. City is its dedication to its Culture, values, and hard work while visiting Dubai.

12 Luxury Experiences in Dubai

Create the maximum Luxury Experiences in Dubai and bypass any unnecessary hassles. Disha Global Tours luxury is here to support you with all the segments.

13 Romantic Things to Do in Dubai for Couples

13 romantic things couples can to do in Dubai. So, make a visit in the emirate and get a suitable Dubai visa with help of a travel agency in Dubai.

UAE Visa Services | Long Term & Short Term UAE Visa | 90 & 30 Days UAE Visa | Disha Global Tours

Looking for the UAE visa services? Disha Global Tours is here to manage your UAE visa services within two working days.

Are you planning to visit the UAE? Then you must require a UAE visa to travel the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

UAE Visit Visa: How Many Times Can I Extend It

Looking for UAE visit Visa and want to know how many times can you extend it? know complete guide about UAE visit Visa and its extension period.

Dubai Visa Services

Disha Global Tours is one of the leading and reliable firms in the UAE for wider and fast services for Dubai tourist visa services. Whether you’re traveling

How to Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

When determining to open a travel agency in Dubai, a businessman has to comply with the due procedure that has been placed

Visit Visa for Dubai, UAE

In case you’re already thinking about visiting the United Arab Emirates but are not sure about how and where to begin the visit visa application in UAE would be, keep about this post and understand all the essential details you can require on everything about the visit visa.

Can I Get a Dubai Visa in One Day?

The UAE is one such international location whose visa policies are among the most stringent. As a result, the answer to “Can I get a Dubai visa in one day?” is easily found and delivered.

5 Things You Must Do at The Dubai Dolphinarium

One of these experiences is the Dubai Dolphinarium. It is a huge construction that covers 1.25 acres and is air-conditioned.

Dubai ranked the world’s best city for family vacations in 2022

Dubai is a city of superlatives: the tallest building globally, the biggest mall, and the most lavish hotel. Dubai such an incredible place to visit.

How do I apply for Dubai Work Visa from India?

Dubai Visa can be renewed if you have valid reasons to do so and your employer is willing to sponsor you. The work visa can be renewed if the employer still requires your services and is still valid. The renewal of a work visa is done in Dubai.

UAE visa guide for tourists and non-residents: essential info for visitors to Abu Dhabi

Arranging an outing to Abu Dhabi or Dubai? Contemplating whether you really want a UAE vacationer visa? Everything to know UAE visas.

Major Difference Between Short Term And Long Term Dubai, UAE Visa

Which visa will be best for Dubai, here we have Short Term and Long Term Dubai, UAE Visa for you to select according to your needs.

Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina | Disha Global tours

Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina. Move on to a beautiful journey through the calm waters while enjoying dinner at Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.

Desert Adventure With Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an exciting and exhilarating activity in which you are taken for a ride in an SUV all across the sand dunes. A qualified driver on the wheel will take you on a thrill ride of a lifetime as he takes you through the sand dunes with speed and riding on the ascending and falling dunes.