The volume control of stereo audio amplifier can choose double coaxial potentiometer; The tone control of sound system can choose the direct slide potentiometer; The reference voltage of the power supply circuit should be adjusted by the trimmer potentiometer; The potentiometer used in communication equipment and computer can choose patch type multi-turn potentiometer or single-turn potentiometer.The detection of the nominal resistance value, measurement, the selection of multimeter resistance file appropriate range, the two pen respectively connected in the potentiometer two fixed pins between the weld, the first measurement of the total resistance value of the potentiometer is the same as the nominal resistance value. If the measured resistance value is infinite or larger than the nominal resistance value, it indicates that the potentiometer has been open circuit or variable value damage.

6.8K WTH118-2W 6K8 Rotary Potentiometer WTH118-2W 5K6 Carbon Film WTH118-2W 5K1 Linear Taper 4 PIN WTH118-2W 4K7 Ohm WTH118-2W 3K3 1A

Potentiometer should identify the state position of pulse potentiometer and its corresponding characteristic code; Subsequently continuously tracking scanning recording pulse potentiometer each change process. Apparently, pulse potentiometer only rotates to the 4th state just has the characteristic code that we need to appear, the program undertakes adding and subtracting control to volume again according to the property of this characteristic code. Potentiometer accord degree calls conformity sex again, it is the accord degree between the actual output function characteristic and the theoretical function characteristic that points to potentiometer. It uses the biggest deviation between actual characteristic and theoretical characteristic to add the percentage of external total voltage expression, can represent the precision of potentiometer. The discrimination of potentiometer depends on its theoretical precision.

2.2K WTH118 2K2 Carbon Film WTH118 1K 4 PIN WTH118 470R Ohm WTH118 680R 1A Rotary Potentiometer WTH118

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