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Have you ever seen the movie The Truman show, Smallville or the Matrix?

Each depicts the truth of what is occurring here on planet earth at this time in 2019.

Everything you see around you is a creation, a manufactured creation.

You are far more then what you have been told and this book is one of many to uncreate what has been created, so that the truth of what has been concealed, buried, earthed and sealed can now be unconcealed, unearthed, unsealed and unburied,

This is the beginning of the end of this creation.

Four trillion years ago, planet earth was attacked by

Who are you?
You are an infinite being and you are 50% of an infinite powerhouse. The other 50% that makes up the infinite powerhouse is the infinite body.

Together 50/50, you become an infinite powerhouse. Together you are embodied. Together the phenomanance of embodiment is your true reality.

Where to from here?
Today we explain the infinite being and infinite body transformation process. Today you begin to unraval the truth, for yourself. Today is the beginning of the end of living the anti you. Today you begin to set yourself free. Today you begin to become unstoppable, unshakeable and unaffected by anything around you. Today you begin to reclaim the true you.

The Truth
You are an high frequency infinite being and you are part of an empire known as Consciousness.

How most infinite beings live

Most infinite beings are born into
world of bondage meaning no one around them knows they are energetic and vibrational. So the new infinite being is given the label of a baby and all its definitions such as that it is helpless, needs constant supervision etc

As a result the infinite being can not use it telephathy capacities to speak to the parents and must resort to appeasing or crying to get the attention of adults for something.

As young as six months they begin the process of using letters, words, sentences and begin to be punished ‘no’ or to sit in the corner if they don’t listen to their parents and adults.

As they grow they are subject to forms and structures that energetically and vibrationally entrain them of how to behave, what they should do and how to live.

For those that don’t fit the system, forms and structures they are made wrong by those within the systems, forms and structures and are given life long labels such as autistic, disabled, a loner, a trouble maker etc.

Living For a infinite Being, that does not know they are an energetic vibrational infinite being?

Regardless of it all, the infinite being grows up living more and more a finite existence for they do not know the truth, and as they were firstly energetically and vibrationally entrained to those adults whom raised them as adults they live very similar lives to them, even mimicking their illnesses and diseases or what is referred to as genetic or hereditary diseases here.

All in all they live very small, auto lives and spend their whole lives bored, stressed, confused and on auto pilot for most of it and then wonder what living is all about.

What happens when an infinite being lives this way?

When an infinite being grows up not knowing they are energetical and vibrational, they grow up and live the systems, forms and structures they are born into.

To live this way is extreme for the infinite body, and we can see this as most live for 50 to 80 years when in fact infinite bodies can live indefinitely under the right conditions.

How infinite beings require to live to flourish