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Get Mobile Banking Solutions From Ducont

Ducont provides top notch IT products and services in the Middle East. It has a team of experienced employees in all services such as sharepoint consulting, field management software, enterprise mobile application development services and mobile banking solutions. Visit their website now!

Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Empower Business with Scalability and Security

In this day and age, a business that does not have a bespoke mobile strategy is likely to lag behind its competition and fail down the line.

How SharePoint Consulting Services Assist Companies in Leveraging SharePoint

Technologies associated with mobile application development continue to change, and it can be challenging for companies to keep up.

Key Challenges in Mobile Field Service Delivery




Mobile Banking App Solutions

Ducont is one of the leading service providers in roll-out mobile banking operations. The Bank Companion is a major mobile banking solution deployed in more than 35 banks across the globe. Check the website for more information.



Enterprise Mobile Application Development Strategies


Ducont, one of the most honoured companies in terms of mobile solutions, offers ERP software services as a leveraging IBM enterprise mobility application development with capabilities to improve employee productivity, collaboration and customer engagement. Visit the website or contact today for more details!


Dynamic Android Mobile Application Development


Ducont offers digital transformation to large organizations with a significant strength in android application development and cross platform using dynamic development processes. You can read more on the website or contact today for more details!


Advanced Business Intelligence And Analytics Software

Ducont, a well-experienced enterprise, advances the value of data in business with its BI and analytics solutions to deliver and control analytics from large business networks and firms. Visit the website or contact today for more details!


New Customer Leads With Push Notifications

Ducont, one of the leading IT products and services providers in the Middle East, offers notification server and notifier pops to provide advanced leads and leverages the many communication channels such as SMS, MMS, e-mail, and social media to help banks connect with their existing and prospective customers. Visit the website or contact us today!

Sharepoint Consulting and Development Services



Ducont, as a leading and reputed developer in a digital market in the Middle East, has played a very crucial role in increasing the adoption of Sharepoint across the globe. It efficiently captures and analyses data across the enterprise to enhance customer experience. Visit the website or contact today for more advantages!

Next Generation Enablement with Cloud Computing

Ducont, as a leading IT operational company in leading digital solutions, offers design/ deploying applications, assets on cloud consulting practice and more that are cloud centric, ensuring maximum value is derived from cloud. Visit the website for full specifications or contact today!

Advanced Fleet Management Software Services With Ducont

Ducont provides dynamic and live GSM and GPS tracking of vehicle and fleet monitoring systems. This allows the user to monitor the location, movements, of the vehicle. This is made possible through an integrated GPS receiver and an electronic GSM device installed in each vehicle. It then communicates with the user and web-based software. Visit the website or contact us today!

Find Workforce Management Software Online

With the improvised and leading automation solution to provide mobile access through field management software, Ducont offers field operations like scheduling service orders, dispatching field technicians, and tracking technician’s current locations and job status. To know more, visit the website or contact us today!

Get Mobile Wallet Services By Ducont

Ducont, a pioneer in mobile solution and cross platform applications with artificial intelligence, offers Mobile Wallet apps on android and iOS platforms. The Ducont mobile payment app can seamlessly integrate with your bank’s legacy core systems. Visit the website or contact us today!

Find Digital Transformation Solutions Online

Ducont, a leading dynamic IT products and services provider, offers a huge network of customers with advanced end-to-end digital transformation solutions with a mobile application as one of the building blocks of Digital offerings, aggregated with the growing power of social and cloud. Visit the website or contact today to know more!


Robotic Process Automation Software


Get Ducont’s end-to-end RPA consulting to support services. They inculcate intelligent automation into their client’s companies through robotic process automation software.





Ducont Systems FZ LLC is a worldwide technology integrator and IT solutions provider that simplifies digital transformation and induces digital competences. We have diversified clientele in many industries including Banking, Insurance, Telecom, E-Governance, Consumer Electronics, Manufacturing, and Utilities & Logistics. We specialise in Mobile banking solutions, Field service management solutions, Enterprise mobility solutions, and Microsoft and IBM solutions.