Gameloft titles have received an interesting update that allows, firstly, to be played by terminals with Windows Phone that have 512 MB of RAM , and secondly, to control it with MOGA.

The MOGA joystick seems to be becoming more and more relevant in the world, as large companies update their titles to work with it. A few weeks ago we commented that some emulators for Windows Phone allowed to play with MOGA; and now Dungeon Hunter 4 and Asphalt 7 do. Dungeon Hunter 4 is a game similar to Torchlight or Diablo , which with this controller greatly improves the playability. And Asphalt 7 is a racing game, which as we all know, the ability to use a joystick will score several points.

Windows Phone Central has made a video with each title being played with a MOGA :

Good for Gameloft for offering this support, which we hope will also reach the other titles. And I don’t know about you, but this news made me want to get hold of one of these joysticks .

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