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#Potential Topic

#Why It Matters

#Vivid Scene Ideas


5th grade Mrs. Kantrow - The Lightning Theif

One of the first books I actually enjoyed reading

Everyday Mrs. Kantrow read to us at the end of class, and sometimes we would take turns reading


Personal Essay - Mrs. Milligan’s class

One of the writings I’m more proud of

Trying to write the personal essay in Mrs. Milligan’s class

Where I’m From poem

First real poem I’ve ever written

Write about my inspiration for writing the poem

DARE Essay

Won an award for one of the best essay’s of the fifth grade class at St. James, and DARE was one of the best experiences and I learned so much by going through the course with Mr. Randy!

Background of DARE, write about one of the classes, and the piece I wrote on DARE.


The Help

I felt this book really impacted my view on things

How aware I felt after reading this book

Skeleton Creek books

LOVED this series and the videos from Mrs. G’s class

Write about why I loved the series so much

The Swiss Family Robinson

One of the first books I actually read and enjoyed in 3rd grade

I don’t really remember this book, but I remembered the name and I know that I actually looked froward to reading it during classes with Mrs. Shala