Topic: Video gamers





What I know going into the observation:


Most popular video game platforms: X-box, Pc’s, and playstation (Henderson, H. 2017).

Average age of gamers: 30
Female: 47%
Male: 53%
(Jansz, J., & Neys, J. 2015)

Professional Video Gamers:
Get paid when you win a tournament
Most popular tournaments: League of Legends World Championship, Intel Extreme Masters, and League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational.
Held in arenas and convention centers
(Esports Tournaments and Events)

Why people play video games/ effects:
Relieves stress and increases the video gamers mood in a positive way, decreases tension, depression, anger, and confusion.
(Russoniello, C. V.; O’Brien, K.; Parks, J. M. (2009)


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What happened:



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