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build up to thesis statement

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

Thesis statement:

I am very strong because I a person that whatever I think I make it happen, such as pursue my goals, learn for my experience and enjoy my hobbies to distract me.

Topic sentence 1:

I am a person that I like to achieve my goals and don’t give up for any obstacle.

Supporting details:

•I study nursing.
•I learn another language such as English and Spanish.

Concluding sentence:

All of my family support me with my plans because they will want to be a successful person.

Topic sentence 2:

I had good and bad experiences that has made me mature and grow as a person.

Supporting details:

•I left my home town and friends to come to this country to get a better life.

*In consequence of coming to live to McAllen I’ve had to leave part of my family and not seeing them that often.

Conclusion sentence:

Overall my experiences have get me outcome and positive thing.

Topic sentence 3:

I like to do my hobbies because it’s relaxing and helps me be better and healthier.

Supporting details:

•I exercise one hour every day.
•I read one hour every day to relax my mind.

Conclusion sentence:

My hobbies is the most important part of my life because that’s what distracts me from school.

Paraphrase thesis statement

Paraphrase three topic sentence

Came to another country change all in my life because I met new people and tried new thing like learn another language and the opportunity to have a better education for me and my siblings.

Finals tought

Many people wish to have the opportunity that I have. Im very thankful for all blessing that I have and I know no matter how many obstacles I would have I never give up.