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Topic: Homelessness

Theme Question: What is a homeless life like?

Field Research:


  • Location Information
    • St. Francis Center
    • 2323 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80205

Interview Questions:

1) What is your background?
2) How has the public’s support effected you?
3) What common stereotypes do you believe people assume of homeless people?
4) What would you say are your greatest fears or hopes in your current state of life?
5) In your opinion, what could be done better to support the homeless?
6) What are your plans for the future?
7) Could you tell me about a time someone was extremely kind and supportive of you?
8) Could you tell me about a time someone was extremely rude and even hateful toward you?
9) How would you define the current state of homelessness compared to the past?
10) In which ways would you say you have received blessings from being homeless?


Homelessness in recent years has become a relatively minimal topic of discussion, yet still is a critical issue worth considering. Since a young age, I was aware of and exposed to homelessness as my family was always the type to be sure to grab a meal for one when spotted. That being the typical person you see from time to time begging on the streets. The generally accepted definition of a homeless individual is someone without a home, job, and having a hard time acquiring the basics of survival. Most will wonder, why do these people submit to such a life? Why do they seem not to wish to better themselves? Typical stereotypes are then generally placed, such as maybe they are addicts of drugs, alcohol, or just dreadfully slothful. What inspired me to write on this topic is for my general care of people in need, in this case, homeless ones. The focus topic will be on what life is like to be homeless, going beyond typical first impressions. Through research and study, we will concisely examine the causes of and impacts on an individual who suffer homelessness.

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