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#**`Gatehouse procedures`**

It’s difficult to have all guards working to one system, but I feel as if I am doing all the dirty work myself. Does no-one know how to do anything remotely to do with computers.

Cleaning is superficial. The place needs a good deep cleaning when it is warmer.

No-one seems to want to help anyone else which is a great shame.

I have made several attempts at leaving workable instructions for the guards however they have not been used. I wonder if they are maybe inaccessible. Situation needs to be reviewed ASAP in the new year.

XMAS cleaning routine: What do I need?

#**Paul Sylvester**

#**`Printable phone lists`**


I believe that the best way forward with this is for us to take a more pro-active roll. If we are NOT to have heads up on the program itself, for ANY new drivers we have to fill in the site rules with the driver OR be privy to the information given by new starters that has to be vetted before putting on to the ANPR.

Ask Jeff Hand how the current system works.

Who is running this system? We should be able to check! in fact should we be able to add them to the database?


Ultimately after a new Order based system is introduced I can see the TAG’s being slowly phased out and used only for emergency purposes

Now at the stage where we need to be more specific as to who is dealing with each individual job. The Ultimate blame game taking place

We need a printer

For all sorts of resons


Again, I can see these being phased out eventually



  • Office staff
  • Warehouse
  • Workshop
  • Drivers
    Not sure if this needs doing


Can we add to system?

STAFF vehicles are confirmed by Dave.

By definition:- If we can add then we must be able to delete records, but only when all have been archived.

Dave Smith

Review of Immingham transport data. Use as an example in a report.




Funding for CCTV cources

#**Chris Marshall**

Fleet&/or Reg Numbers?

  • Easier for DSVC to use Regs* & in retrospect it may be better for us all

Need updates of all related details. I honestly think the ANPR needs to have fleet numbers added and updated

B&M Do bulk plastic tags, which could be an inexpensive short term solution to the fob problem.