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Volunteering for Fix the Web? Want to talk to others about your reports? Rather than running our own forum we are recommending that you join our Fix the Web forum over on Accessify Forum.

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About us

Fix the Web is a social enterprise (?) project to tackle web accessibility problems. The project is led by Citizens Online and funded by Nominet Trust.

A number of partners [link?] are contributing to the development of the project.


See a video about the Fix the Web project.

Access denied

Despite the efforts of many experts and campaigners, it is clear many disabled and older people are still faced with inaccessible websites [link to list of accessibility problems on report page?]

The scale of the problem is huge and we believe there is a need for culture change amongst web developers and website owners.

Our solution

Our solution is to make it simple for the people facing accessibility problems to report them to us, and for our team of volunteers to encourage the site owners to get them fixed.

Fix the Web volunteers aim to emphasise the real problems disabled users face, and to support website owners to make their sites more accessible by signposting them to the great range of support that is available [links].

Title reqd

You can get involved in three different ways:
Report issues you are having with websites.
Volunteer to help liaise with website owners.
Support the development of the project: contact the coordinator.

The power of volunteers

Fix the Web relies on an army of volunteer reporters and volunteers. It would not be possible without them.

You can’t set up a company to deal with this problem by itself: the power of volunteers is required! Apart from enabling the project to function on a large scale, the other advantages of our volunteer approach are:

the personal touch

Website owners get real and personal feedback on their sites and how they are being used.


Volunteers enhance their own knowledge and skills

Fixing for the future

In the UK alone, 6 million web users are excluded to some extent from 80% of websites [source?].
Over 30% of a blind person’s online time is wasted dealing with accessibility issues. [source?]

We want to get 250,000 websites reported over the next 2 years [add in updated timescale - how realistic?]. This will need about 10,000 volunteers signed up and many hundreds of active reporters.

We believe this will change the culture of the Web.

The story of Fix the Web starts in the United Kingdom, but as our influence and vision for the web grows, the project will reach many more countries across the planet.


Video player help


Emails etc

Welcome email text

Dear franbarton,

Thank you very much for signing up to help create an inclusive internet; your efforts really will make a difference.

Your username is franbarton this and your password can be changed on your profile page.

If you lose your password or are having any other password issues you can reset it: ( )

Please contact us if you have any difficulties ( )

You will receive another email from us about your specific role.

Best wishes and thanks again!
Fix the Web Team

Fix the Web is an innovative project to crowd-source e-accessibility. It is led by Citizens Online and funded by Nominet Trust, with support from partners such as Nominet Trust, AbilityNet and

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Other site pages

News - doesn’t need editing

FAQ - needs rethinking/slimming down … not a rambling list replacing good, structured, clear information in its right place.

Volunteering - needs a good rewrite

Need to mention about sitemaker tools like weebly and wix … look at the bottom of the page - the problem is very likely to be with the template rather than the actual site content owner.

“Tenacity with politeness.” We are letting too many sites with poor access get away with saying “we’ll fix it” and then not actually fixing things. Try to keep on their case every now and again until the issue really has been fixed. You might be able to get back to the original reporter of the issue to ask them if they are still encountering the problem or if it has been fixed.
There’s no rush to mark the case as closed… just leave it in your dashboard and come back to it a month or two later, send them a message to say that you’re aware these things take time but reminding them that their site is not yet as accessible as it could be.

About / about us / What we do - decide on title?
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Dashboard - started. New name? Rewrite how reports are filed and what we call them. “Spam” issue?

Reporting websites - form plus guidance

What to report
Who should report
Issues to report (what is accessibility)
What happens to reports

Links - a useful resource? Needs checking and tidying up.

My account - not sure if I need to work on this, have a look