What Are The Vital Factor Affecting Division of Property In Divorce Disputes

For couples who have been married for a long time may find their lives deeply interconnected. A lot of property and financial assets owned in common can be included in this. It becomes crucial to split the threads as two partners plan to get a divorce and find a way to split everything between the two. Things can be divided evenly for certain areas. In many others, the law requires the distribution of property to fairly represent the situation, resources, and needs of the spouses.

Over the years, couples who have been married for a long time may hold virtually all of their property in common/community. This includes financial resources and debt as well as possessions. Many couples who have not been married for very long nonetheless find their financial lives deeply interconnected, even if each of them still has most of their individual “single life” property. But couples who own everything in common may not be on equal footing if they part.

Dividing all of a couples’ property 50/50 may be fair if they have equal needs and equal earning potential, but in practice, that is rarely the case. For example, one spouse may have several medical problems and much less income than the other spouse. In such a situation, the spouse with medical needs and less income would likely require a greater portion of their shared property and assets for the divorce to be considered fair.

Remember that not every jurisdiction has the same laws. Moreover, because no two divorce cases are ever identical, judges have a lot of freedom in deciding what counts as fair from case to case. By working with a divorce lawyer, you and your spouse can create a plan for your divorce that will hopefully satisfy both of your wants and needs.

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