Fly in Fly out Sex

Book - working ideas on layout of concepts
eg JSA - Job Safety Analysis




E Book
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How to get the sex you desire when fly in and fly out

Communication while away

General expectations while away

Create sexting rules

Why she might be all into when u r away and not when you are there

The night you fly back in

What is your roster

How much alone time do you have together when u r back

Create Relationship time

How your label it matters

Counting how often you have sex

Planning for sex

Hug exercise

Kiss exercise

No groping

Move in slow

Move in passionately

It’s not your fault - so many rejections - you are not sitting in your masculine

feeling rejected

The in between phase



why foreplay is a must

Moving away from desire and towards intimacy, arousal and sex

Focusing on arousal

take your time - why rush


don’t say no just to prove a point

when she is saying no it’s not because she is trying to set you up or to be mean - but you are being mean
She finally wants it so you reject her to show her what it feels
hang on have you not been preaching the opposite for like- forever.

remember flirting

sexual energy oftern does does travel with you from location a to location b so enjoy locations a
a less pressure in location a to have sex, so it can raise that sexual feeling
aim is to lighten the topic of sex -
to bring talking about it back on the menu - to get rid of the negativity and heaviness
allows for moments of connection even when u r not having sex

announce when u r not going to have sex

this is not an easy one to descrie
its so that if you are being amazing and u dont plan on bugging her that night if she doesnt know that then she is still on high alert and it has not been a break for her and you dont get acknowledged eaither

need to find code words that don’t set you guys off
trial and error - wont know how you will respond until the time

how stress affects our libido

What if you cant perform

last as long as u want to

watch to much porn

how our thoughts take us out of our body into our heads

whatever you do try not to take her out of her body

when she has the higher libido