Fort Myers Beach Real Estate

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Fort Myers Real Estate

After years of stagnant sales and irritating defaults, the Fort Myers real estate market is rising, thanks to a mix of real estate investors and homebuyers eager to take advantage of affordable pricing and record-low mortgage interest rates before they expire. The Fort Myers and Cape Coral home markets are not being overrun by speculators, as they were in the early years of the twenty-first century. While there appears to be a greater interest in vacation homes that can bring rental income, the region is also showing signs of development. While rent-to-own vacation opportunities are not as prevalent as they once were, they remain an excellent alternative for house-hunters searching for a fantastic place to live, especially at a time when mortgage credit and lending requirements remain very strict. While Fort Myers Beach real estate is still a retirement and vacation haven, Southwest Florida’s greater quality of life is attracting many families who see the area as a promising place to develop and prosper.