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The Better Way

Go Here and Do What She says:

#How To Quickly Begin Your Prosperous Career As A Freelancer In The Current Writing Market

Read the Amazon listing for the second book listed - The Essential Freelance Writer’s Guide 2014. First, notice the (now that I have told you to notice it) obvious yet “natural sounding” SEO in the title and description - everyone will tell you that SEO is dead and quality contnt rules, and that includes the writer of this book, but holy fuck, if this were true - then this book should have never appeared first or second in a search for “how to + freelance writing + “writing online” + 2014” or any variant thereof, because there are at least 20 books that are on this topic and much better than this one that I can list off the top of my head - and could do this before ever doing a search for them on Amazon, by writers who are”household names” in the industry… But this chick’s struck gold for what she has put together, and THAT is important to recognize. Okay, still on the same page for the same book.
Read the TOP TWO REVIEWS for this same book. One is a ONE star, the other, a FIVE star hey are Both 100% accurate. How can this be, you ask? Well, Bran, it’s all about this thing called “perspective”, from which we derive “assigned value”:
The first is by a writer who wishes to retain integrity AND make money with his writing, and the book he recommends is exactly the one I am going to recommend for path #1. The second is by me. The difference in the two reviews is PRECISELY the difference in the two paths I am delineating here. However, I believe that even if you choose to go the first route, these books are invaluable because they contain accurate information for RIGHT NOW and basic operating procedures that, while you will certainly want more information on them at some point, you can get a damn good, comprehensive pre-written outline of your entire process plan for $3, and I would say that $3 is certainly worth more than the 20+ hours you would spend puttng it all together on your own. The other $3.99 you are spending is pretty much the same idea. Also, as the first reviewer notes without a hint of irony, these books are demonstrative of the level of and type of writing needed to really make good money and stand out from the pack - so even if you only write as well as she does, which is certainly not BAD by any stretch - not compared to most ebooks on the market, even and especially ones on writing - you are going to be ahead of the game, whichever road you choose. Lesson Learned? Whichever route you choose, there’s gotta be a balance of good writing and good marketing or you’re just a hobbyist who’s fucking around.

The Faster, Easier Way