How Science Works

Chemistry provides one of many levels of explanation on which we can describe the real world -

Fundamental Ideas C 1 1

Periodic Table C 3 1

Structure and Bonding C 2 1

Ionic bonding makes a great deal of sense once you get your head round it -

Metallic bonding is even simpler than ionic, in a way -

Electrolysis - why does electricity break up chemical compounds anyway?

A bit more detail on the deal with atoms tending to end up with eight electrons in their outside shell:

Bonding and Properties C 2 2

Inorganic Chemistry in the Real World

Our Changing Planet C 1 7

On rocks in general -

Rocks and Building Materials C 1 2

Limestone is a lot more interesting than you might expect -

Metals and their Uses C 1 3

Salts C 2 5

Water C 3 2


How Much? C 2 3

Rates of Reaction C 2 4

Energy Calculations C 3 3

Analysis and Synthesis C 3 4

Crude Oil

Crude Oil and Fuels C 1 4

Carbon is unbelievably versatile, and more than any other element is responsible for the fact there is such a thing as life -

Products from Oil C 1 5

Plant Oils C 1 6

Organic Chemistry C 3 5