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Ruby Heart Rings

Get new words to express and showcase your love to the lady special in your life with Ruby heart rings from We’re an online extension of our 25+ years old wholesale gemstones business whose mission is to provide the finest quality bespoke jewelry and single and matched pair loose stones at wholesale prices. Visit to get more information.

Wedding Rings Ruby

Make your relationship as beautiful, graceful and strong as wedding rings ruby is from We specialize in rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets featuring sapphires, rubies, emeralds, alexamdeites, tsavorites and fine diamonds. Visit to get more information.

Ruby Engagement Ring :

If you want an engagement ring that truly stands out, consider a ruby engagement ring. GemsNY offers several options for selecting the perfect ruby or ruby and diamond engagement ring. We offer preset, make your own, and custom ruby engagement rings. Shop our huge selection of ruby or ruby and diamond engagement rings today! Visit to get more information.

Blue Sapphire Rings

GemsNY’s collection of sapphire rings for both women and men is sure to have a style you’ll love. You can choose not only blue sapphire rings, but also yellow, white, or pink sapphires for the ring of your dreams. For the best selection of exquisite genuine blue sapphire rings at the best prices, choose GemsNY. Visit to get more information.

Alexandrite Earrings

A perfect jewel piece complements the beauty and its best example is alexandrite earrings from We offer a custom jewelry design service in which you can work with our talented design team to create the personalized setting of your dreams. Visit to get more information.