6 Non-Engagement Rings to Buy for Yourself

Adding a dash of color that goes perfectly well with different types of attire, isn’t that the accessory we all need in life? GemsNY has taken care of all-things-rings that you should have in your box of adornments!

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Labor Day Celebrations & GemsNY Bonanza

Each year, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September. It recognizes the contribution of the labor force in the strength and prosperity of the United States. Starting as an outcome of the labor movement, the first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882, in New York City. The recognition through legislative enactment came later in 1887, in four states. Twenty-seven other states followed suit in the next few years and in 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday.


Tips to take Instagram Worthy Engagement Photographs

An engagement is easily one of the most important moments in your life and you’ll want it to be breathtaking and unforgettable. While we are sure you’ll remember this moment forever, why not make it tangible and keep it on a platform for friends and family to view for years to come?

An awe-inspiring moment such as an engagement deserves to be showcased, not just for the dazzling engagement ring, but also for the joy you’ll be feeling in the moment. Instagram can make you the cynosure of the entire world if you can leverage its power as one of the best photography libraries in the world.

Here we’ve gathered some ideas to make your joyful occasion an impressive event on Instagram, which will get your engagement photographs a thousand likes!

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Tanzanite is most gorgeous creations of the planet. Know about awesome December birthstone jewelry with Tanzanite gemstone here.

When it comes to birthstones, December is blessed with intoxicating blues. Its three designated birthstones, zircon, turquoise and tanzanite present themselves as delightful options, but if they were to be pitched against one another, tanzanite would emerge the clear victor.

Top 7 Gemstone Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Desires

Would you not want to be gifted with a jewelry item instead of chocolates or perfume? Well, as per a survey published in 2019 on an online news portal, almost 60% of the women expressed that they would like to receive a jewelry item as a gift as opposed to anything else.

Among the list of favorites were earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings and fashion rings. These results speak for themselves that if you really want to see your girl happy go the jewel way. Here is a list of top 7 gemstone jewelry pieces every woman desires.

Popular Heart-Shaped Ruby Jewelry

The red gemstone is known as the king of all gemstones…and why not? The ravishing red stands for eternal love, passion, and fierceness. Rubies come from the mineral corundum and receive its stunning red shade due to the presence of chromium in the mineral. Read on to know more about our magnificent heart-shaped ruby jewelry!

Queen of Asia - The World’s Largest Sapphire

The world’s largest natural corundum blue sapphire was recently discovered inside a gem pit located 45 kms south of Colombo, in the Ratnapura city. Ratnapura quite fittingly translates to City of Gems as it holds the largest deposits of precious and semi precious stones in Sri-Lanka.

6 Precious Gemstone Rings to Buy Today

Adding a dash of color that goes perfectly well with different types of attire, isn’t that the accessory we all need in life? We have taken care of colored gemstone rings that you should have in your box of adornments!

Make Your Life Colorful with Sapphire Jewelry

In today’s world, sapphire gemstone or natural blue sapphire gem is seen as a great alternative to diamonds. Among all hues of sapphire, the blue sapphire is quite popular in the world of gemstones.

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10 Gifts You Can Give This Valentine’s Day

This year, consider having your heart on your sleeve to put it on display and show her how much she means to you. Perhaps you and your spouse aren’t the romantic sorts, so a hilarious Valentine’s Day gifts would be more appropriate. Whatever you’re looking for, these cuter-than-cupid gift ideas will conquer their heart.

Impress Your Life Partner with a Modern Sapphire Rings

Gemstone like sapphire has also grabbed the attention of people who want to look unique and ahead of others. Many people love to buy natural sapphire engagement rings to celebrate their most awaited occasion with their loved ones.

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9 Affordable Ways to Propose This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day promotes the notion that romance should be celebrated as a special occasion, but we think otherwise, we believe that romance is in the little things in life, for example, saying ‘I love you’ early in the morning when they see your face, or ‘making breakfast in bed’. If you’ve decided to make this day special for your significant other but want to celebrate economically then here are some drool-worthy ways to propose this Valentine’s Day that are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Top Gemstone Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Loves

Among the list of favorites were earrings, necklaces/pendants, bracelets, engagement rings and fashion rings. These results speak for themselves that if you really want to see your girl happy, go the jewel way. Here is a list of top 7 gemstone jewelry pieces every woman desires.

March Birthstone: The Rare Blue Aquamarine

Apart from being the March birthstone, the aquamarine gemstone is also the anniversary stone for the 19-year milestone. Learn more.

Why Do We Get Down on One Knee to Propose?

Proposing to your girlfriend is always a nervous situation. The fear always remains of how she will respond: will she say Yes or No? It’s a stressing situation anyway.

But wait…. where did this tradition come from? Why do men have to get down on one knee to propose? Who started this tradition to drop down to one knee and propose?

Top 5 Celebrities Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire is one of the most sought-after and cherished gemstones among celebrities and royalties. Here are five of our favorite celebrity sapphire engagement rings that you can get a customized ring made for yourself at GemsNY! Dare we suggest you’ll like them even more than the originals!

5 Reasons Why Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Trending

Diamonds have been a girl’s best friend for a long time but the gen-Y and gen-Z have surely fallen in love with the boldness and uniqueness of sapphire. The millennial brides choose sapphire engagement ring because it defines their persona just right and of course sapphires’ unmatched beauty.

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Popular Jewelry to Buy this Black Friday

November is a great time of the year to let your shopping spirit loose and buy things that you’ve been keeping in abeyance for a long time and jewelry is no exception. Jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give to someone be it your spouse, your parents, your friends or your significant other. With Christmas also approaching soon, jewelry is on the shopping list of many of us. With huge discounts to rain on Black Friday, now is the time to prepare yourself to take advantage of the sale season.

We have brought you a catalogue of popular jewelry items from GemsNY which has kicked off its Black Friday sale with a bang of huge discounts.

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