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General Conference

Saturday Morning Session

Henry B. Eyring

We gather to worship Him
“Draw near unto me and I will draw near to you.”
People wanted the same feeling that they got when they entered the Church.
Spiritual survival is dependent on our environment.
All of us have our faith tested by having our blessings delayed
Oftentimes treat our faith as being childish.
This is his conference
God always is.
Pray for others.
A testimony shouldn’t be a repeat, but an affirmation.
God knows and loves every one of us.
God is the chief cornerstone.

Mary R. Durham

If we are not careful the things of this world can drown out the things of the spirit
When children are baptized, they receive the Holy Ghost.
Confirmation is important.
Teach children how to recognize the Holy Ghost.
Eli taught Samuel to recognize the Spirit.
We don’t need to fear for the children because we have prepared them.

Donald L. Hallstrom

All human beings have heavenly heritage.
We can all sing “I Am a Child of God,” but do we really know it for ourselves?
“You have just drunk a cup of the witch’s brew. What happened to you??”
I will die. I will go to heaven and be happy because of my Father in Heaven.
People can be swayed and forget their spiritual heritage.

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Dale G. Renlund

Many people feel entitled to things that they often receive and feel that they need more.
Murmuring = childish whining
Laman and Lemuel thought that the Lord was obligated to help them. “The Lord maketh no such thing known unto us.”
He is happier with repentant sinners than self-righteous, sneering people.
The layout of the chapel made it hard to see a sister.
She partook of the sacrament after the meeting and thought, “Oh, He [both the priesthood holder and Christ] did this for me.
Jesus did not say if, but when.
We need the safety of the sacrament.
If life were truly fair, we would never be able to stand clean before God.
In the eternal scheme of things, everything will be fair.
Feel God’s nearness.

Come Thou Fount

Saturday Afternoon Session

Sunday Morning Session

Dallin H. Oaks

There are 150 temples
12 sleepless hours after the announcement of the Bangkok temple
Much preparation
“See yourself in the temple” mirror
Each of us must see ourselves in the temple.
The lord has prospered our people and given us the resources and prophetic guidance to build temples.
We need a recommend to protect the sanctity of the temple.
Don’t think of the temple as an unreachable goal.
Don’t think of our sins from permanently not being able to enter the temple.
The primary blessing of the temple is the ordinance of exaltation.
Among those who attend, there is no distinction between rich or poor, class, etc.
Women and men can return to the presence of God in the temple.
It is wonderful to leave the worries of the world behind
We can receive help from the other side of the veil.
Did cornerstone ceremony anyway

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

He had often heard the sound of air raid sirens
Massive firestorms
The “Jewelbox of Germany” was completely destroyed, along with a beautiful cathedral.
Rebuilt and improved it
It doesn’t matter how broken our hearts are. We can be rebuilt.
Does a sheep need to know how to make a GPS to go home?
The sheep is worthy to be rescued simply because it is loved
Reach out to Him, He’ll reach out to you.
Over time you will recognize his hand in your life.
We sometimes must be battered into holier matter.
We carry within ourselves the potential of divinity
Sometimes it is difficult to remember our birthright and purpose.
This cannot change who we are.
God sees us as we truly are and worthy of rescue.

Sunday Afternoon Session

Robert D. Hales

Everyone has the light of Christ
The Holy Ghost is central to the Restoration.
Prophets have the same power today that they had yesterday
The Holy Ghost blesses us all
Elder Hales shook hands with a missionary that returned early and gave him specific advice

Elder Gong

Remember Him while taking the Sacrament
More than 400 references to the word “remember.”
We can remember Him by acknowledging His hand in our life.
Sometimes, we don’t have the strength to forget; in that case, we must remember the Atonement.
How is it that He still has wounds?