LED (light emitting diode) lamp is a kind of lighting lamp made of the fourth generation of green light source LED. LED is known as the fourth generation lighting source or green light source, with energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and other characteristics, can be widely used in a variety of indicators, displays, decoration, backlight, general lighting and urban night scene and other fields. High energy saving, energy saving pollution-free is environmental protection. Dc drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts) electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effect than the traditional light source energy saving more than 80%.

5261AB LED 5261AB 7-segment 5261BB display 5261BB

It is only expected that the luminous efficiency of LED bulbs/lamps can be greatly improved and the cost of bulbs/lamps can be rapidly reduced before it can be popularized to ordinary families. Introduction to industrial LED lighting, Suitable for warehouse, cable trench, tunnel and special occasion lighting. Performance characteristics, using the fourth generation of green environmental protection, high-power white LED solid state light source, high light efficiency, service life of 100,000 hours, can achieve long-term maintenance free. Humanized product design, customers can choose suitable working voltage according to different lighting places.

Common-Cathode CC CL8012AS 7-Segment digit CL8012AS LED Common-Anode CA CL8012BS Display CL8012BS 0.80 inch
Common-Cathode CC 8102AG 7-Segment digit 8102AG LED Common-Anode CA 8102BG Display 8102BG 0.80 inch

In addition, the light of LED lamp does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, so it does not produce radiation. Healthy light is not easy to cause harm to our body. Therefore, it is also widely used in table lamps. Through the experimental comparison of different types of table lamps, it is also found that although the harsh light caused eye discomfort for a short time when the LED table lamp is used for learning and working, with the extension of learning and working hours, it is found that the subjects blink more and the degree of envy is lower.

Common-Cathode CC 3932AS LED 3932AS 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3932BS 7-Segment 3932BS Display

Chairman of Lyard Group, said earlier in an interview with China Electronics News that the two Olympic Games have become an accelerator for the development of China’s LED display industry. After the 2008 Olympics, the LED display industry exploded. During these 14 years, 80 or 90 percent or more of the global LED production capacity was concentrated in China, and China leads the world in terms of technology level, product research and development capacity and production capacity in the field of LED display.

Common-Cathode CC 4021AS LED 4021AS 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA 4021BS 7-Segment 4021BS Display

LED lamp core light source detection, LED forward voltage drop, reverse current; Luminous flux, spectrum, color temperature, manifestation, luminous Angle. LED process evaluation, lens defect search, packaging glue type, there are no pollutants, bubbles. Lens process evaluation, encapsulation glue type, there are no pollutants, bubbles, air tightness evaluation, glue heat resistance, glass transition temperature. LED phosphor coating process evaluation, defect search, morphology observation, phosphor particle size, particle size distribution, composition, thickness, agglomeration and sedimentation phenomenon.

LED 8042AGG 7-Segment 8042AGG 0.80-inch 8042BGG Display 8042BGG

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