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Tutoriel Gingkoapp

First things first :
you must create an account on the website (but if you can read this, I guess you pretty figured that much out).

To create an account, you must:
Register your email adress

Submit a password

Confirm the password

Then, watch the video tutorials !

Here’s a very well done tutorial, proposed by the Gingkoapp company

Try to create your first card, on the left column. Don’t be afraid, it’s easy as pie!

Just type down anything you want.

You can format your text :
(click “Formatting help”, just below, to know more)

Big header

Medium header

Small header

Micro header

Bold text

Italic text

Red text

Unordered list:

  • item 1
  • item 2

Todo list:

Add links and images - simple link - link to image in internet

Choose the column where you want to add a card, the relationship between your cards, and add some more!

First refer to the Editing Shorcuts, on the bottom right corner of your screen !
It will show how to manage your cards quickly

You can also use the “+” symbols on the right or on top of your existing cards

And… That’s it !

You’re now fully conversant with Gingkoapp ! Thanks for reading, and have fun organizing your thoughts with such a great tool !

You can share it with your friends or the world, by clicking the title of your tree, at the top of the page