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Command Line Tools

GUI Tools

Configuring Git

On your terminal,


git config --global "<your_name>"


git config --global "<your_email_address>"

Getting Started with an existing github repository

User github Mac client to get started with now.

Clone (not Fork) your git repository through a link ending with .git


Create a new branch locally

Inventory In Progress


git reset HEAD --HARD 
error: unknown option `HARD'
usage: git reset [--mixed | --soft | --hard | --merge | --keep] [-q] [<commit>]
   or: git reset [-q] <tree-ish> [--] <paths>...
   or: git reset --patch [<tree-ish>] [--] [<paths>...]

    -q, --quiet           be quiet, only report errors
    --mixed               reset HEAD and index
    --soft                reset only HEAD
    --hard                reset HEAD, index and working tree
    --merge               reset HEAD, index and working tree
    --keep                reset HEAD but keep local changes
    -p, --patch           select hunks interactively
    -N, --intent-to-add   record only the fact that removed paths will be added later

Difference between working tree, index and Head