Go back in time quite literally at Malacca and George Town

Melaka and George Town are often listed on the top of any Malaysian holiday itinerary and match Kuala Lumpur in its popularity. And justifiably so. These two have been historic cities of the Straits of Malacca and the trading and cultural exchanges that took place here between the East and West Straits over 500 years is what has led to the development of these iconic places. I tell you why both of them are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Make sure you visit these historic sites on your next trip to Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is connected to both places via bus—the preferred mode of transport here. You can even check https://www.redbus.my/buses/malacca-bus-tickets for added convenience. This online portal helps to undergo a hassle free journey. The best time to visit Melaka is between the months of April to October and May to November for George Town.

Brilliant examples of multicultural trading that carried mercantile exchanges between Malay and Chinese, Indian and European cultures.
The towns have developed significantly over the last 500 years since the exchanges began and the change has been complementary to the trading successes. In fact a lot of multinationals prefer to have their headquarters relocated here thanks to the ease of doing business and availability of resources as well as well-developed transportation facilities.

They have built a life that bears a testimony to the multi-cultural influences and traditions of the regions they traded with. This is not only seen in the architecture of the place, but in the religious institutions of different faiths, traditions, languages, music, food, art, etc.

The townscape demonstrated by both towns is unparalleled anywhere else in East and South Asia, especially taking into account the large number of shop houses and town houses that dot their landscape. It is exciting to see modern architecture standing side by side with ancient architecture.

Melaka and George Town reflect a mixture of influences which have created a unique architecture, culture and townscape without parallel anywhere in East and South Asia. In particular, they demonstrate an exceptional range of shophouses and townhouses.

The protective measures for the properties are adequate. Both towns exhibit a generally acceptable state of conservation, although efforts are required to ensure the conservation of shophouses. The management plans and structures are adequate and can be enhanced through the continuing conservation programs of the State Party.

Both cities are known to boast about their food apart from their cultural attractions. The food is just delicious, and people come here from different parts of the world just to try the food. Almost every corner of the street has a food joint with people gathering all around it!!
Although the cities are embracing the western culture, the people here haven’t forgotten their roots.
Melaka is one of the best places to shop for antique items. The items are available for dirt cheap rates from Jonker street. Some of the markets are even open 24X7.