Introduction (6-8 sentences)

Lead-in (attention getter)

Imagine living the way your grandparents and parents used to live back then?

Build up to thesis statement

Thesis statement (main idea of the essay+essay map: main argument + the three points you’re going to discuss)

Learning about my paternal and maternal history is something that my current family is interested in.

Body Paragraph 1 (8-12 sentences).

Topic sentence 1 (main idea of the paragraph)

When I interview my father, I learned a lot about my grandparents.

Supporting details (2-3 examples to support your topic sentence)


Concluding sentence (wraps up paragraph and ties everything together)

Body Paragraph 2 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 2

My maternal lineage, I do not know to much about my grandparent.

Supporting details

-Grandfather was from San Luis Potosi and my grandmother was from Tlalcosahua Jalisco.
-My grandfather was her third husband
-They both came to Reynosa
-Grandmother raised 9 children

Concluding sentence

Body Paragraph 3 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 3

My parents struggle during the years

Supporting details

-My parents were born at Reynosa
-The way they used to live
-They met at work
-Had three children

Concluding sentence

Conclusion (6-8 sentences)

Paraphrase thesis statement

Paraphrase topic sentences

Interviewing my parents and telling me all the history about my family was really interesting. I can not imagine myself living the way they used to live.

Final thoughts (what do you want the reader to do/remember?)