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LED heat dissipation made with this heat dissipation material can greatly improve the overall heat dissipation effect. The principle of liquid convection is adopted to provide a ceiling hole lamp with good heat dissipation performance. The heat absorbed by the coolant in the liquid storage tank installed on the LED lamp shade is used, and the heat absorbed by the coolant from the lamp shade is dissipated by the natural convection between the two liquid storage tanks with different heights. So that LED ceiling hole lamp shade get very good cooling. Can be flexible rotation, easy to install, because the coolant convection pipe connected between the two liquid storage tanks has a bellows structure, and the bellows structure can be telescopic and bending deformation, so it will not impede the flexible rotation of the LED lamp shade, but also easy to install.

0.30 inch 3301AS LED Common-Cathode CC 3301AS 7-Segment digit 3301BS Display 3301BS Common-Anode CA
0.30 inch 3031AS LED Common-Cathode CC 3031AS 7-Segment digit 3031BS Display 3031BS Common-Anode CA

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