Although LED lighting is still difficult to enter the home, but there are many areas can be a large number of applications of LED lighting. China in Shanghai, Nanchang, Dalian, Xiamen has established four semiconductor lighting bases and related scientific research units, they will play a significant role in the promotion of LED lights. The application of these fields can promote the production of high-power white LEDS, promote the improvement of technology, and reduce the production cost. We can also gain more experience in LED lighting design and application, which is conducive to future promotion. These applications are all big consumers and can play a big role in saving electricity.

Common-Cathode CC CL3014AH 7-Segment digit CL3014AH LED Common-Anode CA CL3014BH Display CL3014BH 0.30 inch
Common-Cathode CC 3104AG 7-Segment digit 3104AG LED Common-Anode CA 3104BG Display 3104BG 0.30 inch

The unit price of 1W white LED
Home applications of LED lighting
12V and 24V LED lamp application
LED lighting power supply system is complex
Chinese lighting market is huge
Color and brightness of LED in different occasions
Leds Luminous Intensity Unit is Candela
LED luminous flux in unit of Lumen
LED Luminance refers to the light intensity density
The color rendering of LED may be different