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#1. Topic: Homelessness

Initial Question: How do you think normal people view homeless people?

Initial Objective: Determine what are peoples opinion about poor people (Past to Present connection: Do people still view poor people the same way they did in the past?).

#2. Guiding Questions

Fact Based Question:
1. What is your everyday routine?
2. How do people view people that are homeless?
3. Why do you think people become homeless?

#1. What is your everyday routine?

Link to Resource:

Summary of findings:
The homeless people don’t really have any special place to go so they roam around the streets asking for money, and you make an excuse like you left your wallet or money at home. But homeless people only as for money because, they are hungry they need to get break fast,lunch,or dinner.

Essential Questions:
1. Why do some homeless people avoid there homeless shelters?
2. What is the hardest thing about being homeless?


What are some key words you can use to start your research?

“Homeless people”
“Homeless articles”