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Build Joy Limited is the Best London Construction Company. As the business is focused on doing the best for our clients. From the inception, we make many complex issues clear, also take away the hassle so you can enjoy the design as well as the construction process at arm’s length. Call us now to book a consultation.

Construction Agency Located in Hounslow, we offer a wide range of construction services that range from loft conversions to full-scale home renovations at Build Joy Limited. A top construction agency in Hounslow, we understand exactly what you want, and work closely with you to get the results you want. We are known for our affordable costs, superior craftsmanship, and environmentally conscious approach. Contact us today.

The house extension in London is a great idea if you need more space but don’t want to move a house. Hence, an extension is an ideal way to maximize the size of your property. From an initial decision to extend your house, the process seems bewildering. Though, rather than purchasing a property, extending is possibly the second major investment you will make. Get in touch with us for a house extension in London.