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Have you ever thought that adding CBD lube is a great formula for more satisfying sex life? Women face two most common challenges in their bedroom life, namely pain while having sex and sexual anxiety. Let’s learn how CBD lube can help take your sex life a notch higher.

How does it reduce pain during intercourse?

Nearly 45% of American women suffer from sexual pain. Painful intercourse can affect women of all ages, especially menopausal ones. The causes can range from cysts, trauma, and postpartum depression, to name a few. However, the most common one is inflammation before or after sex. CBD tends to show powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is believed to reduce pain and inflammation. It may help reduce vaginal pain and sometimes menstrual cramps also. All in all, you will have a fulfilling session of intercourse.

How does it reduce sexual anxiety?

Many thoughts or conditions can prove to be turned off while having sex. You might be having sexual anxiety in your mind. Your mind may be having the questions like how will I perform, or you can simply feel nervous, which could be a real turnoff in your intimate time. Using a CBD lube may work wonders for you. Keep in mind to always use the best CBD lube from reliable online stores to get the desired results. CBD gets readily absorbed into your bloodstream through the vagina and then makes its way to your brain. After going to the brain, it interacts with the brain receptors and thereby helps reduce anxiety. That is why it is not wrong to say that cannabis is an anxiolytic drug.

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