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Some vacation places are dog-friendly, allowing visitors to stay at the resort or club with their canine companions, while others do not allow pets or even children under the age of 18. Before you get all excited about bonding with your doggy over a fishing vacation - To prevent being disappointed when you get at your location and discover it is a ‘no-entry’ point for your pet, double-check for pet-care facilities ahead. Even if you can safely and comfortably carry your dog in a carrier or even a motor-vacation programme, keeping a dog caged up in a hotel room is unpleasant and somewhat sad for the dog, so avoid this scenario if you want your dog to be happy.

However, this does not mean you have to forgo your holiday just because the spots you like are not pet-friendly; there is the convenient option of placing your doggy in a doggy-daycare or a boarding facility, which are a-plenty across the nation!

Dog kennels with hostel facilities have full and part-time staff that is trained to handle all kinds of pet-care needs, including obedience training and medical emergencies besides giving them the exercise, diet and grooming care they need with love - while you are away in sunny climes or even cool one - taking that much-needed break!

You can choose a dog boarding facility in the neighborhood or a little further off, depending on the kind of services and their quality you are getting for the budget you have in mind; these normally range from 10 dog boarding kennels to 100 inmate boarding kennels, so you can decide which is best for you.

Costs for boarding kennels depend on the location, facilities, diet demanded, size of the dog as well as duration of stay besides any other frills requested/offered. Most will provide for feeding bowls, bedding, special meals if so requested besides grooming supplies and play equipment during your pooch’s stay with them.

Any specific nutritional needs of your pet should be conveyed to the manger of the boarding kennel facility and approved by the director there before you place your dog with them; also ascertain the type of grooming services, (such as cleaning eyes, shampooing, nail trimming etc) they will include in service charges and what are the extras that may be billed to you.

Boarding kennels operate much like baby daycare facilities in the sense they provide for all basic needs (and some more fancy ones too) of your pampered pooch while trainers, regular employees and volunteers work together to keep your dog in good health and happy.

Check for the facility of calling in a vet, if one is not available 24x7 with the kennel facility and also take a thorough tour of the facility for Your dog will sleep and play in a clean, hygienic, and secure environment.