How to choose and buy LED light belt in the home decoration, the knock-off version of the LED strip does not have accessories in the box, because some manufacturers can save after all, LED light belt installation precautions are what, LED light belt installation precautions, LED light belt wiring method, LED light belt general voltage is DC 12V, so the need to use switching power supply, power supply size according to the LED light belt power and connection length to set. The wiring of the monochrome 5050 patch LED lamp belt is to distinguish the positive and negative poles. Generally, the welded power plug is directly inserted into the power supply of the lamp belt, and then all the input power of the LED lamp belt is connected in parallel, unified by the total switching power supply.

5161BH LED 5161BH 13-segment 5161AH display 5161AH

Established the national LED lighting project coordination leading group in 2003, officially launched the national LED lighting project. However, the reality is far from optimistic. About 70% of urban users in China’s economically developed areas use energy-saving lamps, while 80% of rural and underdeveloped areas still use incandescent lamps. Many consumers have never heard of LED energy-saving lamps, which indicates that there is a huge potential market for LED energy-saving lamps in China.

Common-Cathode CC 8016AH 7-Segment digit 8016AH LED Common-Anode CA 8016BH Display 8016BH 0.80 inch
Common-Cathode CC 8011AS 7-Segment digit 8011AS LED Common-Anode CA 8011BS Display 8011BS 0.80 inch

At this point, ensure that the LED lamp rigorous production process and high quality materials can be achieved. Research shows that LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours. LED lights are safer during use. No common light bulb stabs problem, use high temperature resistant flame retardant material, equipped with fuse. But be careful not to buy unqualified products, circuit design is not reasonable, there will be stroboscope problems. In addition, LED energy-saving lamps have been successfully applied in large enterprises, hospitals and other public places.

Common-Cathode CC 3291AS LED 3291AS 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3291BS 7-Segment 3291BS Display

In addition, Zhou Ming has also provided LED screens and integrated solutions totaling about 3600 square meters for Hamad International Airport, five-star hotels, CCTV Qatar broadcasting hall, concerts, landmark shopping malls and other places. Riad LED screens on buildings in Qatar, Away from the televised games, Chinese LED screens are lighting up Qatar’s smart cities. The company supplied some LED screens for the World Cup, Liard said on the investor Interactive platform.

Common-Cathode CC 4102AS LED 4102AS 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA 4102BS 7-Segment 4102BS Display

The cause of this short circuit may be: excessive coating of conductive silver paste. The viscosity of silver paste is too small, resulting in the fluidity of silver paste is too large. When the positioning of the silver paste welded with the substrate is not accurate, and the amount of silver paste is not enough, it will also lead to the open circuit of the LED device. The silver paste of the welded LED and the flexible board was abnormal, the solder of the flexible circuit board migrated, and the test found that the LED on the flexible board was not bright.

LED 8402AS 7-Segment 8402AS 0.80-inch 8402BS Display 8402BS

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