How To Download And Install Microsoft 365 For Windows Computers?

Learn the right way for Microsoft office setup for PC. To use all the wonderful and amazing Microsoft tools on your Windows computer you must install setup online to get Microsoft 365 on it. In this blog, we will explain the steps for Microsoft 365 installation on your Windows PC device.

Simple Instructions To Setup Microsoft 365 Account On Windows PC;
Read these easy peasy instructions for Office 365 desktop setup on Windows device and follow them properly;
Step 1. From your Windows PC system , launch any web browser you want. It could be Google chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.
Step 2. In the URL field, write the Microsoft office setup web page URL, i.e.,
Step 3. Then, you will be redirected to the MS Office setup page, here, type the 25 digits alphanumeric product code that you got at the time of purchase.
Step 4. This product code is mentioned on the retail card you purchased and sent to your email.
Step 5. After that, double-click on the Microsoft Office 365 installation file to run and install the MS office.
Step 6. Click on the extension file according to your system’s configuration; If your operating system is 32-bit then double-click on the setup32.exe file extension.
Step 7. If your operating system is 64-bit then double-click on the setup64.exe file extension.
Step 8. You will see a disclaimer message, ‘Microsoft office installation wants to make changes in your device’ will reflect on your screen.
Step 9. Thereafter, tap on the Yes button now.
Step 10. After the completion of Microsoft Office installation, tap on the Close tab.
Step 11. Hover over to the Start button after that.
Step 12. Launch any Microsoft Office application that you want to use, for instance, Word, Excel, etc.
Step 13. Now you just have to accept the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Office License and Agreement.

Microsoft 365 Ready To Work On Windows Device!
So that’s how you can accomplish Microsoft 365 installation on your Windows computer device. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned instructions carefully. Click on myaccount on to manage the office requirements. If you have any doubts or problems with the installation procedure then get in touch with our experts for an elaborative solution.