How To Fix Orbi Purple Light Error Using

Is your orbi router flashing purple light? Got frustrated from the purple light error? Are you facing issues during internet connectivity? Want solutions to fix orbi purple light? If the answer to all these questions is yes then don’t worry any more. In this blog, we will tell you the factors which are responsible for this along with the troubleshooting steps by using the address.

Possible Reasons Behind Orbi Purple Light Flashing

Read down the below reasons behind the issue:

  1. One of the main reasons for orbi router purple light flashing is because of internet connectivity issues i.e. orbi lost contact with the internet.

  2. Outdated or crashed orbi firmware might also be the reason for purple light flashing.

    1. The Orbi router is unable to gain the IP address from the modem.
      There might be chances that your ethernet cable is not inserted properly into the WAN port of the orbi router.

    2. Damaged internet cable or fiber cable might also be one of the reasons.
      In case, if the orbi satellite fails to sync with the orbi router then you might see a purple light.

    3. Chances of WAN port link is down.
      Internet connectivity issues from your internet service provider.

Troubleshooting Tips To Solve The Error

Try the below mentioned steps to fix the error.

Reboot The Orbi Router: 

You need to reboot your orbi router and satellite. 
Then, turn off the power supply by unplugging your orbi router from the power source. 
Now disconnect all the devices which are connected to your orbi router.
Wait for a few seconds.
After that, connect your orbi router back into the power source.

Update the Orbi Firmware: 

You must update the firmware of your orbi router from time to time by regularly checking the available updates.
Firmware can be updated either automatically or manually through support site.
When the update is done, you can check if the purple light is flashing or not. If not, then your orbi router purple light error is fixed.

Reset The Orbi Device:

If your error is still not solved then, you can try to reset the default settings of your orbi router.
Press and hold the reset button on the orbi router by using a sharp or pointed object.

That’s it! You can easily solve your error by implementing the above tips that you have found in the user interface. In case, if you are still getting the purple light then don’t worry you can call our technical experts.!