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How To Set Up Kindle Paperwhite In Easy Steps?

Planning to use your Kindle Paperwhite for the first time this time, this weekend? That needs a little prep though. Just turning on and connecting the device to wifi won’t work. You must know how to set up Kindle Paperwhite. A proper setup involves quite some steps that ensures your device’s efficient working. Now, read this blog and know the simple steps for the setup.

Instructions For Kindle Paperwhite Setup -

Unbox and install the Kindle Paperwhite:

First of all, open the box and you may discover just a few objects inside it;

The Kindle Paperwhite eReader
A 2.0 micro USB cable
A manual for setup
Assurance Manual

Note: The charger adapter is not provided with the Kindle Paperwhite, so use any spare one that you might have at your home or purchase a new one.
Plug for your Paperwhite and permit the battery charge absolutely.

Whilst you’re geared up, press and hold the Power On/Off button at the bottom and let it switch on.

In a moment, you may see the beginning of the setup process.

Tap your language and then give the Kindle another moment to load up.
If you see the display flash, do not worry — it’s a regular part of e-ink generation being refreshed.

Tap at the display screen once you see the Kindle’s welcome message.

First, you will need to get your device linked to your primary wi-fi.

Tap to connect with wireless and your Kindle will have to find your nearby routers.

Tap it, then use the keyboard to enter your network password.

Connect to your Amazon or any other portal’s account.
Now that your kindle is online, you need to connect it with an Amazon account.
Assuming you have one, tap use an current amazon account.
In case you don’t, hit create a new account and observe the steps there.
Type your amazon account email and password, then tap the sign in tab.
[Those who use two-element authentication on their amazon accounts will see a prompt to go into their code after urgent sign in.]

If you see any issues, make certain you typed your email efficiently, as it’s easy to make an error there.

As soon as the whole lot clears together with your Amazon account, you may see a Hello message with a suggestion to adjust the tool time.
Next, click right here to set off and set an appropriate time on your place.
Then tap on the Finish Setup tab. You are almost there!

The paperwhite will next ask you to attach your facebook and twitter accounts linked to your Amazon account.
There’s one extra account amazon desires you to connect with — goodreads.

Tap join existing account in case you already use the service, create new account if you don’t have one, or bypass to skip on the use of goodreads.

With this, we come to an end of Kindle Paperwhite setup. Once you learn how to set up Kindle Paperwhite it is very easy to use the eReader. That’s it!

Make the best of your weekend with this device. For any more queries regarding the Kindle setup you can connect with our team to get instant answers.