How to Use Credit Repair Tactics to Boost Your FICO Score

“How can I fix my credit score” is often asked by individuals that have just been turned down for a loan that they needed. If you are one of these people the below points help you understand how to fix your credit score yourself implementing these tips.

The best way to increase your credit score is to start with the question of why your FICO score is low. The only place that you can find this out is in your credit report for this you will need a copy of it before you can proceed. Once you have a copy of your report, look for negative accounts and list them starting with the oldest account first. Negative things like late payments, collection accounts, and charged-off accounts are what should look for.

Next draft a credit dispute letter that states your name, social security number, and account number. In the letter, you will point down the issues that you do not agree with a certain part of the account. For example, you could state that you do not agree with the amount owed, the date of the late payments or something is wrong and listed in the report.

The credit bureau will upon receiving the dispute letter, contact the lender who originally held your account. If the company fails to prove the information true within 30 days it will be removed from your report and your FICO scores will increase.

Even by following these tips if you do not get what you expected then you should hire online credit repair companies. The company will fix your scores with legal procedure and with their best credit repair programs you can make your credit score higher within a time frame.