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Humanity Upgrade

Humanity needs an upgrade

Humanity’s operating system has far too many bugs in it

it’s time we give it an upgrade!

Major bugs in the world system

Major bugs in the world system

Too much inequality

  • Far too much poverty
  • Most of the wealth lies with just a few
  • Access to health-care, education, opportunities varies greatly

Power lies with just the few

  • The very rich have most of the real power
  • Corporations seem to run everything these days
  • The working- and middle-class are generally unable to change things for their benefit

Economic disasters waiting to happen

  • Uncontrollable economic disasters still happening
  • Social security systems will soon collapse with aging populations

Too much violence

  • Plenty of wars in the world
  • Possible WWIII looming?
  • Many towns / cities are very dangerous

We’re destroying our environment

  • Climate change is worsening
  • We’re not investing enough in clean energy
  • We’re cutting down our rainforests at an alarming rate

Our quality of life is progressively getting worse

  • Unhealthy / unhappy lifestyles
  • Spending too much time working just to ‘get by’
  • Many are forgetting what it means to be human
  • Need to work longer hours just to get by
  • Don’t work on our dreams / passions - just for money

We need a global revolution before it's too late

We need a global revolution before it’s too late

Our plan to help the world

Our plan to help the world

We need your help

We need your help


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