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Humanity 2.0

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HuG Love


HuG Love



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Indranath Das

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/ Humanity Upgrade

Humanity Upgrade

Humanity’s operating system has far too many bugs in it

it’s time we give it an upgrade!

This is the revolution that will move humanity to a new global system that will be better for everyone - well almost everyone!

It's time for a humanity upgrade!

It’s time for a humanity upgrade!

Major bugs in the world system

It’s tiime for a humanity upgrade!

Major bugs in the world system

Too much inequality

  • Far too much poverty
  • Most of the wealth lies with just a few
  • Access to health-care, education, opportunities varies greatly

Power lies with just the few

  • The very rich have most of the real power
  • Corporations seem to run everything these days
  • The working- and middle-class are generally unable to change things for their benefit

Economic disasters waiting to happen

  • Uncontrollable economic disasters still happening
  • Social security systems will soon collapse with aging populations

Too much violence

  • Plenty of wars in the world
  • Possible WWIII looming?
  • Many towns / cities are very dangerous

We’re destroying our environment

  • Climate change is worsening
  • We’re not investing enough in clean energy
  • We’re cutting down our rainforests at an alarming rate

Our quality of life is progressively getting worse

  • Unhealthy / unhappy lifestyles
  • Spending too much time working just to ‘get by’
  • Many are forgetting what it means to be human
  • Need to work longer hours just to get by
  • Don’t work on our dreams / passions - just for money

We need a global revolution before it's too late

We need a global revolution before it’s too late

Now is the best time in history to start such a global revolution

Now is the best time in history to start such a global revolution

People are hungry for change

The massive following that Bernie Sanders received during his bid for the US presidency (not just from US citizens, but from people all around the world) just goes to show that people are hungry for change.

The system worked against him, and in the favour of the establishment - yet again!

Enough is enough. The system isn’t working for the majority - so let’s change it in our favour.

Technology advancements increasingly favour the masses

These days, at least in the West (where most of the money out side of China is), we have relatively cheap access to the whole world via the Internet.

Huge advancements in servers, software and development practices make launching, marketing, managing and being sucessful with such a project much more likely than even 5 or 10 years ago.

In fact this is one of the main reasons for launching now - and not 14 years ago when the planning started.

We’re looking at creating humanity 2.0 - for that we need technology 2.0 to back it up (and having socio-economics at a version closer to 0.2.0 helps with motivating people into action).

The fundamental problem we need to fix

How we can realistically change the system

We have a plan that really could work

moving the world to a new world economy

Moving the world to a new world economy

Generating the money we will need to fund the revolution

Moving the world to a new world economy

Generating the money we will need to fund the revolution

We need to make lots of money if we want any hope of success

It is very difficult to effect any kind of change without money, especially when facing heavy resistance from the establishment of the rich and powerful - which will certainly happen.

Our proposed plan in particular will require huge amounts of money to have any hope of success, and handing over the majority of the power to rich / powerful individuals / corporations, that have their own agendas, runs a much higher risk of long-term failure.

Building the biggest company in the world - together

Our plan, instead, is to try to build a giant company, and to use the profits (and selling some shares later on, when it is worth a lot) to implement the other parts of the project.

It won’t happen overnight, of course, but if things all go to plan, after 5-10 years, it’s perfectly possible that we could have a highly-successful company, generating huge profits, which will give us the means to start to make real positive changes to people’s lives.

Starting with internet-based projects

An obvious place to start is building an Internet-based business, since it is relatively easy to capitalize on all the skill and goodwill that exists in the world.

We have developed some ideas that could potentially have a huge impact on the IT and business world, potentially generating huge amounts of money in the process.

Sharing the profits with all those who get involved or invest

Building offline businesses later

Deciding with everyone the details of the model we will implement

Deciding with everyone the details of the model we will implement

Implementing the new system step-by-step over time

Implementing the new system step-by-step over time

Start online first

Working with governments to implement the final stages of change

Working with governments to implement the final stages of change

benefits to you



The underprivileged



By sector




we need your help!

We need your help!

HuG Loving

We need your help!

HuG Loving

HuG Love photos

We’d love to have any photos that show your love and support of the project. They can be of individuals, couples or groups - as you wish.

For now, we can only accept links to photos - we’ll add upload support in the near future. Photos already hosted on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter are ideal. Please send us the link (preferably to the image itself, and not the page - to make it quicker for us to put it online)

We’ll accept any positive photos, but here are a few ideas:

Write your love for the revolution on your body

Write the following characters on your fingers / arm / forehead:

♡ H U G

Create the letters HUG with people

As a group, you could write out the letters ‘HUG’ or ‘♡ H U G’ on the ground, and get someone else to take a photo

Creating the letters HUG with other things

Similar to above, but with clothes, furniture, bottles, kitchenware… You name it!

People hugging

As a couple or a group, show us the biggest hug you can make!


Any photos that show your belief in positivism, and for a better future.

HuG Love videos

We want to show how people are engaged in the project, and adding videos and/or photos is a great way to do this.

We’d like to have loads of videos, with people saying the word ‘Humanity Upgrade’ or ‘Humanity 2.0’ (or the equivalent in other languages).

Later on, we’d like to create a video with a compilation of loads of different videos - as a long sequence.

If you’d like to make any other videos, too, related to the ideals of the project, please feel free to do so.

If you want to discuss your ideas, then just get in touch!

Spreading the word

Spreading the word

Tell others about the revolution

We really need to get the word out there, so please help us by telling everyone you know.

Ideas on how you can do this:

  • Put messages on Facebook
  • Tweet about the project (@humanityup)
  • Contact your favourite bloggers / vloggers / journalists
  • Blog / vlog yourself
  • Put information on your website and/or link to this site

Building a list of famous people to contact

When we’ve revised all the information on this website, we’re going to want to contact loads of journalists/bloggers internationally - to give it the best chance of success.

Our focus will be on creating lists of email addresses and Twitter accounts

These are likely the best people to be contacting:

  • journalists
  • popular bloggers
  • celebrities

Also, they are more likely to be receptive if they’re known for being more left-wing.

On the list are some people who we’d like to contact, but don’t have the contacts for yet - so if you could find them that would be great. Also, any other suggestions for contacts would be welcome.

If you do this, please send us a list of all the email addresses you find, with each on a new line (and with no extra comments) and we’ll start to build a list on this site.


Noam Chomsky


Julian Assange

C/o Ecuadorian Embassy
Address: Flat 3B, 3 Hans Cres, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 0LS
020 7584 1367

George Monbiot


Edward Snowden

Actors / Actresses

Leonardo DiCaprio
Jeremy Irons
Robert Redford

Business leaders

Bill Gates
Elon Musk (possibly)

Pierre Omidyar
Vivienne Westwood

Her Press Office is based at 44 Conduit Street London



Glenn Greenwald (Guardian)

Owen Jones (engagements contact)


George Gallaway

Bernie Sanders (press enquiries)

Talk show hosts

Oprah Winfrey


Building a list of organizations to contact

Like for people - but for organizations, especially NGOs.

For possible funding

The Omidyar Network

For possible partnerships
The Venus Project

Reviewing site content

Reviewing site content

Before doing a full launch we would like as many people as possible to review the content, to check for clarity and tone.

Right now we’re still organizing the information, and then will edit it properly.

Please send us any feedback you have on this.

Improving the site design

Improving the site design

Search for graphics on stock image sites

Right now the site is almost entirely text. To make it look nicer, and better explain all the ideas, we will want to have lots of graphics.

Some of these we can just purchase from stock image websites, but others will need to be created specifically for the project (see below).

Stock images would be ideal for:

  • Icons for the headings of each section
  • Icons for links to social media sites
  • Other icons
  • Large photos / background images

If you find any great stock images, please send us the links.

Large graphics

Heading icons

Design a great logo (and other specialized images)

Here are some of the graphics we will need to be custom-created:

  • A top-notch logo
  • Images to accompany the description of the new socio-economic model

Pro graphic designers with experience would be ideal for this, though potentially anyone could have a go.

We can’t promise to use all the images we receive - we will only be using the best images.

General site design

Right now we’re focusing on getting all the information about the project organized, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we’re ready to launch the project, and we want to make the site look really good.

With loads of quality graphics, the rest of the site design should be fairly easy, but attention to detail is key with this as well.

If you would like to help out with this, or know someone that does, please get in touch.

Translating the site

Translating the site



Latest news

Latest news

General news

Latest news

Important news

General news


We’ve now split all the information over 5 different sites :

Humanity 2.0 the ideas company that will run all the other projects
Tagt the IT company that will revolutionize the Internet and generate the money to set up the rest of the projects
Humanity Upgrade the revolution to move us to a new world economy
HuG the group of companies that we will set up to stabilize the new global economy
ISDG The International Social-Development Group - the organization that will organize all our philanthropic work

This should make it a lot easier to digest all the information, because there’s a lot of it, and not everyone is interested in everything.

We shall obviously continue to organize / edit the information on all the sites over the next few weeks, after which we will hopefully be able to move on to focusing on the design of all the sites.


We’ve created the Humanity 2.0 website, which will be and ‘ideas company’, and when the sites are all ready, we will be looking for $10m investment to get the ball rolling.

Investors will receive shares in Humanity 2.0, which we believe will be worth a lot of money in the future.


We spoke to a photographer today who’s going to take some pictures with lots of colourful clothes / bags spelling the letters HuG, with a pretty hill in the backdrop.

We’ll hopefully take a bunch of these, and use them as backdrops on the Humanity Upgrade website.


We bought the ‘’ and ‘’ domains, which later on will be dedicated websites for people to share their HuG Love photos / videos / messages.


We’ve started to put HuG Love content on the site, and are furiously writing up / organizing all the key information.

Lots of people are already getting excited and are getting involved, and some people know some relatively famous people with big followings who would be able to accelerate the expansion.

Exciting times!


Things are already moving along very quickly, with lots of people excited by the project and many are already getting involved.


Work has started on organizing the information for the project into this site.

Important news

More info

More info

Our main websites

More info

Our main websites

Humanity 2.0

This is the parent company of all the companies that form the Humanity Upgrade group.

(not yet active)


Tagt is the branding we will use for all the IT services we will be developing.

(not yet active)

Related sites / projects


Kiva is a popular micro-finance portal, where anyone can lend money to entrepreneurs in all parts of the world that need funding for their small businesses.

Once we start to make money from our IT projects, we will start to lend money through Kiva, so we can be helping people right from the beginning, but in an efficient way (because almost all the money is returned eventually).

The Venus Project

The Venus Project is a well-known organization that has been working on a similar idea to what we’re doing for a number of years now.

As far as we know, don’t yet have the kind of complete plan for implementing their ideals, but have lots of great ideas for improving the state of humanity, many of which could probably be incorporated into our revolution.

We are hoping to form a partnership with them early on in the development of the project - for ideas, support and perhaps working on projects together.

Todo list

Todo list

Social networking


Main account
Other languages


Main page
Pages in other languages
Personal page


Writing up the information on this website

Making the site look good

The ideas that are key to our revolution

The ideas that are key to our revolution

The IT ideas that will generate the money we need

The ideas that are key to our revolution

The IT ideas that will generate the money we need

Integrated tools that can increase business productivity and reduce costs

A vast collection of services that will allow any company to run their entire business in an integrated, customizable in Customizable, integrated services that can do everything in the IT stack of any business

An open-source website that is built by everyone working together

An answer engine that can respond to highly complex questions

A peer-to-peer alternative to the web that is better for everyone

peer-to-peer alternative to the WWW that is more democratic, not filled with ads, and shares profits with quality content producers

Marketed through the Tagt brand

These projects will all be marketed around the Tagt brand, and more information about them can be found here.

Follow us

Follow us


Contact us

Contact us

If you want to help out in any way, please feel free to contact us here:

Extra code





Humanity Upgrade




Subpage content









Ryan Enos

Colin (LP / Peru) - Zenit

tagt websites on gingko

gingko app interface

  • add a script to load into gingkoapp
  • add options to :
    • remove trees from top
    • change the theme
    • allow for interfacing through gingko websites
    • different themes
  • generate code for :
    • all sites
    • one site
    • pages within a site
  • generate options :
    • dev site first
    • straight to live
    • move dev to live

building tagt

  • create basic tool
  • use tool to build gingko websites
  • use gingko websites to build better version of gw
  • use better version of gw to build tagt
  • use tagt to build tagt project management tool