Infiniti QX60: Where power meets practicality and luxury

Last year, Infiniti QX50 made a brief cameo in the Avengers: Infinity War when Nick Fury and Maria Hill, whilst driving in the streets of New York, found out the direness of the situation after the Thanos snap. Now, a year later, Infiniti cars is proud to present the Infiniti QX60: a larger and more upgraded version of the former.

Unlike its predecessor, QX60 boasts of 149 cubic feet of passenger capacity, which allows for more leg room, hip room, and shoulder room. With three rows of seating capacity good for seven, this beauty is perfect for superheroes like you and your friends. Equipped with a panoramic moonroof and 2 8-inch LCD monitors in the front, as well as a 13-speaker Bose audio system—which are all customisable according to your liking—the Infiniti QX60 LUXE models allow you and your friends to have the best time on the road while watching your favorite superhero movie! And when you get tired of watching a movie, simply switch it up by playing a game instead.

For the drivers, however, Infiniti QX60 provides heated leather steering wheel, a driver foot rest, and a valet function, giving you ease of driving. Plus, the QX60 have an instrument panel bin on the driver/passenger and rear door side, so your phones are within an arm’s length while you’re on the road. The Infiniti QX60 also has driver and passenger visor vanity mirrors, with driver and passenger illumination, driver and passenger auxiliary mirror, making everyone inside the car feel as comfortable as possible.

But if you think that the Infiniti QX60 is all just about luxury interiors and entertainment features, think again. Dubbed as a crossover that blends luxurious materials, comfort, ergonomics and design with safety and practicality, the QX60 also has a Forward Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection, which does not only measure the distance between you, the driver, and the vehicle in front of you, but also the speed of both vehicles. This function can also capture pedestrian movement, helping the person behind the wheel to detect a potential frontal collision. It also has an available Backup Collision Intervention system, which is an around view monitor with moving object detection, this heightened intuitive awareness function provides extreme driving confidence. With four cameras positioned around the vehicle, the blind spot monitor gives the driver a 360° bird’s eye view on your display, making it easier not just to park, but also alerting you of any moving objects detected within the display image.

Just like the Earth’s mightiest heroes, Infiniti QX60 assures both everyone inside the vehicle that they will not have just a good-looking car with a handsome look inside and outside, but also an added layer of protection for you and for everyone outside the vehicle. With INFINITI QX60, Thanos will definitely have a hard time snapping it out of existence. If you are in the Chattanooga area and wants to have your own Infiniti QX60, then check out their website to learn all the powerful specs of this powerful vehicle!